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  2. NutraGreen Summer Ready


April - June


  • Controlled release no scorch fertiliser
  • Herbicide spray as required


  • Stimulates growth and feeds the grass
  • Improves quality of root development and stress tolerance
  • Reduces the need for so much watering, manages weeds

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NutraGreen Summer Ready

An essential top up for a thicker, greener lawn

It’s vital to keep your lawn healthy and strong as Summer is set to bring rising temperatures and increased humidity; this is where our NutraGreen ‘Summer Ready’ can help.

With a fully coated fertiliser, it’s designed to give your lawn a timed release of nutrition up to 10 weeks. This sophisticated treatment also includes a weed control to help eradicate those which are unwelcome on your lawn, keeping it looking its best ready for Summer.

Now is the perfect time for our newly improved Oasis Treatment to be applied to your lawn as well. Our popular Oasis Water Conserver Treatment has been given an upgrade, resulting in an even lusher, greener lawn, for longer. We’ve added an innovative, highly concentrated seaweed extract which has proven to have an almost immediate visual effect on the colour of your lawn, in addition to improving the quality of your grass, root development and stress tolerance. All of this and there’s up to 80% less watering needed from you as Oasis helps your soil to make the best use of any available moisture.

Lawn Treatment

Additional Oasis

An amazing treatment which takes rainfall and lawn watering to another level. Green lawns in dry weather too. We think you’ll love this treatment.

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Daisies, dandelions, clover, buttercups.  All very nice in a meadow, but not in the middle of your lawn. 

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