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Lawn Treatment

Lawn Treatment

Another innovative treatment of ours, StressBeater, does exactly what it says on the tin, beats stress. Believe it or not, grass gets stressed just like we do, this treatment supplies nutrients to ‘green-up’ the grass plant, restoring turf vigor and encouraging rooting. This high-tech treatment creates a thick, lush, and healthy lawn by slowing vertical growth and diverting it to other parts of the plant. Importantly, StressBeater, with its nutrients helps to manage any stress in the grass plant along with some moss management, allowing moisture to penetrate the soil more effectively.

StressBeater is a specially formulated liquid treatment which helps your grass to combat stress and speeds up recovery from stress. It’s unique combination of macro and micronutrients, wetting agents, bio stimulants and amino acids, means the iron content provides an immediate colour change (for the better!) and helps guard against biotic stress.

We apply StressBeater between April and August as a liquid feed. It improves the health of your lawn, helps moisture to get to the soil and aids with moss control.

StressBeater is included in our Ultimate Programme but is also available as a separate treatment to any of our customers on our Standard or Basic Programmes.

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