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Our Pest Management Treatment can significantly reduce the number of pests in your lawn. We can also relieve stress and help your lawn to recover from the damage caused by Chafer Grubs and Leatherjackets.

The optimal treatment times for Leatherjackets is from mid-September to October and for Chafer Grubs, from mid-July to October. You should start to see the effects quite quickly as your lawn will look greener as a result of our treatment, the effects will improve over a month as less damage is visible and your lawn has had time to recover.

We recommend that you give your lawn a good watering before we apply this treatment, followed by another water the next day for around 10-15 minutes; this will help the treatment be most effective. 

How to identify pests in your lawn:

Leatherjackets – In most cases, they eat the grass root from the outside of the lawn inwards. The Leatherjackets one-year life cycle starts when the female lays her eggs in the lawn around September, they hatch 2-3 weeks later. By February/March, the pests will have grown, and the damage will be much more extensive.

You will also notice the Leatherjacket grub coming up out of the lawn. Quite simply, the higher the number of Leatherjackets visible on the surface of the lawn, the larger the infestation. The most effective treatment is when the grubs are small.


Chafer Grubs – Your lawn may be losing colour in a certain area, appearing pale green as opposed to its normal colour; this is normally in patches. Additionally, external damage can be caused by birds, badgers, etc. who pull the lawn up to eat the grubs. If you pull at your lawn and it lifts easily from the soil, even splitting the turf, you may see grubs near the surface. This most likely means that you have an infestation and need our Pest Management Treatment.


Between mid-July and October is when Chafer Grubs are most active, although dependent on weather conditions, this period could be even longer. This is the optimal treatment period as they’re at their smallest.


Our Lawn Pest Management Treatment is included in our Ultimate Programme but is also available as a separate treatment to any of our customers on our Standard or Basic Programmes.

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