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  2. Why Lawn Treatments?

Why do I need my lawn treating?

Lawns usually make up the largest part of a property and yet often, the most neglected.

A house without a good lawn is like walking into a beautiful room without a carpet. One complements the other.

A small investment in regular Lawn Treatments will pay you back with a beautiful lawn and a perfect backdrop to your home. 

Lawns are plants. They need regular feeding to grow and look healthy. After all they are the only plant you ‘chop the top off’ every week. Regular Lawn Treatments keep the lawn green, fight off and control weeds.

A small investment in Lawn Treatments will pay you back with a beautiful healthy lawn which will not only be good for your home, pleasing to your eye but also good for the environment.

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Why should I have GreenThumb provide lawn treatments?

Our NutraGreen Treatments are the results of millions of Lawn Treatments every year and decades of Lawn Treatment development. They are exclusive to us and just for our customers. They are the best you can get. We don’t buy off the shelf. They are manufactured (not blended) just for us.

At times we realise that GreenThumb Treatments might be a pound or two more costly than cheaper alternatives.  Since Lawn Treatments are a modest cost. We think you should have the best there is. GreenThumb Treatments are the best there is. 

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