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Why Do I need my lawn treating?

The very fact that you are reading this shows that you have some interest in lawn treatments.

A lawn usually makes up the largest part of a property and yet often the most neglected. A house without a beautiful lawn has been described as walking into a beautiful room without a carpet. One complements the other.

Lawns are plants. They need regular feeding, to grow and be resilient to diseases. They also need to be equipped to fight off invasion from weeds. Lawn Treatments do this for your lawn and that’s why you need lawn treatments.

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Why should I have GreenThumb provide lawn treatments?

Our Nutragreen Treatments and Programmes are the results of millions of lawn treatments and decades of lawn treatment experience. They are applied at the right time, in the right way, incorporating the highest controlled release nutritional values.

GreenThumb’s Nutragreen treatments are the only ones which have been manufactured specifically for UK lawns and our unpredictable weather. All other lawn treatment providers are buying ‘off the shelf’ standard feeds. They’ll work OK. But if you want the best results for your lawn and don’t mind paying a pound or two more for the best (and often not!). Then you want GreenThumb treatments.