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Target spraying

We care about the environment, that's why we abide by the rules and regulations

At GreenThumb we are not only keenly aware of our obligations to customers but also our environmental responsibilities. Hence we are working hard to follow pesticide related guidance provided in the Sustainable Use Regulations 2012 related to pesticide use. This means you may notice a slight change in how we control weeds in your lawns. Please find below questions we anticipate being asked and their corresponding answer.

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Frequently asked question:

GreenThumb has treated my lawn for many years but recently I have noticed that they do not seem to be spraying the whole of the lawn. I thought I was paying for a weed and feed?

Yes, you are paying for a weed and feed. The process of treating the lawn has not changed. The Lawn Operative will apply fertiliser to the whole of the lawn, whilst assessing the level and location of any weeds.

If the weed levels are high over the whole lawn then he is likely to blanket spray. As weed levels diminish over future treatments, the Lawn Operative will be walking the lawn to target the remaining weeds. Often, this will take even longer than blanket spraying.

Why have GreenThumb taken this stance?

The herbicides that we use are ‘post-emergence selective herbicides’. What does that mean?

Essentially, these herbicides will only work on existing weeds. In other words, if there are no weeds or weed leaves, then the herbicide is simply going into the ground and, therefore, is of no benefit.


The products that we use and how we use them is controlled by recognised agencies that enforce environmental, related Government guidelines. As a responsible and compliant company, we are always looking to improve our processes and effectiveness when it comes to treating our customers’ lawns. One way that we can do this is by controlling the way in which we apply herbicides. Target spraying instead of blanket spraying every lawn demonstrates that we take our responsibilities seriously in this regard.

What if I get weeds after the treatment?

The herbicide generally works over a three-week period. If, during that time, you notice an increase in weeds then please contact your local branch to ask them to come make an assessment. At this time we may decide to apply some more herbicide to the plants that have come through after this period.

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