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Although the majority of us enjoy long warm summers, low rainfall can cause a lawn to suffer from drought stress. There are some simple ways of knowing if your lawn is suffering from drought stress:

Once the soil in a lawn has dried out, it can develop ‘dry patch’, a turf disorder which makes the soil actually repel water. The technical term for this is ‘hydrophobic’. GreenThumb now offers the Oasis Treatment which has been proven to keep your lawn greener for longer during prolonged periods of dry weather. Please note that this treatment is not a substitute for watering the lawn. All living things need water to survive – a lawn is no different.

The Oasis Treatment utilises available water – if there is no moisture present then there is nothing for the treatment to work with. If your lawn has suffered over the recent hot, dry summers, speak to your local lawn operator for information as to whether this treatment programme would be suitable for your lawn.