Watering Lawn


If your lawn is suffering from drought stress (yellow and brown patches), you can help rescue it by following our top tips for watering:

  • Keep off the lawn as much as possible as the grass will be dry and brittle, which makes it liable to break
  • Do not cut shorter than 50mm (2”) and do not cut again until there is a sign of growth
  • Water twice a day until there is sufficient moisture in the soil to help the grass to recover
  • Ideally, water the lawn early in the morning or during the late part of the day when evaporation is at its lowest
  • Why not consider installing a water butt for this purpose - don’t forget to make sure it has a child-proof lid
  • Fork the worst areas to help the water to get to where it is needed most – the root zone
  • For large lawns, look for a company that will fit an irrigation system
  • Do not stop having GreenThumb come to treat the lawn; when the rain finally comes; recovery will be quicker
  • Speak to your local GreenThumb operator for advice on the Oasis Treatment Programme