Lawn Mower


Mowing is the most basic practice for maintaining your lawn between GreenThumb treatments. Mowing your lawn at the correct height encourages healthier roots and helps conserve water during dry periods. It also ensures the grass plant remains healthy whilst discouraging weeds.

Top Tips:

  • Never cut your lawn less than 25mm (1"). Ideally the grass should be left at between 30-50mm (1-2 inches) during dry spells. Do not cut more than one third of the total height of the grass plant in one go, as cutting the lawn too short (scalping) can encourage lawn diseases, moss and weed growth
  • Use the correct mower for your lawn, ask your local GreenThumb Lawn Operative what type of mower is suitable for your lawn      
  • Keep your lawn mower regularly serviced; a good cut requires sharp blades
  • Always try to remove grass clippings from the lawn, as they will encourage lawn thatch, which moss thrives on
  • Don’t fill the mower with petrol while you are on the lawn; spilling fuel on the grass will scorch the grass plant
  • If you are using an electric mower, use a circuit breaker and be very careful not to run over the cable
  • During the spring and late summer, mow your lawn a couple of times a week. During a dry spell, you may find that the grass isn’t growing and therefore doesn’t need to be cut
  • The more you mow, the fewer clippings there are the greener the lawn will appear and mowing will become easier
  • If you are expecting a visit from your local GreenThumb branch, please do not cut the lawn for 3 or 4 days either side of the treatment - this helps the treatment to be as effective as possible.

If mowing too often doesn’t appeal, try our SlowMow Treatment Programme. This treatment is a growth regulator that reduces the rate at which grass grows, at the same time thickening the lawn. It also addresses the hormone that encourages cell elongation in the grass plant. This inhibits the vertical growth of the plant, diverting the growth downwards to the root system, increasing the plant’s food reserve and lateral stem development, meaning the grass grows thicker and the lawn becomes denser.

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  •  "I am a relatively new customer but I wish to thank you for the great job you have done on my lawns. In six months they have gone from green/yellow to a lush green appearance with few weeds and moss. Well done GreenThumb from a very satisfied customer."

  • "We've now had two treatments from your service. Already we have noticed a difference in the quaility of the lawn and the greenness. Really pleased. Also, the young men who have visited have been charming - very polite and pleasant, thank you."

  • "When we moved into our house five years ago, the whole garden was very overgrown and the lawns were in a dreadful state. After only two years our front and back lawns have been dramatically transformed, I would highly recommend GreenThumb to anyone."

  • "We bought a new property and the land had previously been used as a pig farm so lots of strong weeds. We are now a year in from the start of your team's treatment and the improvement is 200%. The team in Norwich always arrive on time, are courteous and are very well informed."

  • "The grass is lush, thick, green and plentiful. Even the front which was an eye sore has received compliments. We are delighted with what has already been achieved and only wish I had known about this service sooner. I could have saved myself a lot of time and effort."