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If you are a new or existing customer and would like to speak to your local branch please click here

If you have a general question you may find what you're looking for below.

Scheduled Treatments

If your next treatment date is not on your last invoice, your local branch will contact you in advance of your treatment either by email, letter, text or phone, dependent on your preferred communication method.  If you wish to update your preferred method of contact simply update your details 

Not going to be in?  No problem, we can still carry out the treatment if you are happy to make sure we have access to the lawns.

If the date is not good for you, simply email us and we will try to reschedule it to another day.  If your next treatment is less than 72 hours away, we would be very grateful if you could call us in these instances – Thank you!

Your lawn operative may arrive anytime throughout the day, but don’t worry, there’s no need for you to wait in, we can still carry out the treatment if you are happy to make sure that we have access to the lawns.

Whilst we’d really like to see you, it is not necessary for you to be at the property when we visit. Our expert lawn operatives love to offer personal advice specific to your lawn, but don’t worry if you are not going to be in.  Providing we have access, we are able to carry out our treatments with no inconvenience to yourself.  We will always leave a card to say we have been and always leave some top tips for you to get the best from your lawn. 

Our “Lawn Makeover” is slightly different in that we recommend our customers are available for the Makeover Day, but your local branch can you talk you through this process as part of the service.

Your local branch contact details can be found on your invoice or treatment notification. Or you can find your local branch details by simply entering your postcode here

The treatments are safe for pets, though we recommend where possible to try to keep your dogs and cats away from the lawns for 2-3 hours after a treatment. Grazing pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs should be kept off the lawn for a minimum of two weeks or three cuts, whichever occurs first.

Lawn Questions

Anytime – our seasonal lawn care treatments have been designed to work alongside nature and weather conditions common to the specific time of the year.  Each treatment hands over to the next to ensure your lawn receives the most relevant support to sustain a healthy lawn, whatever the season.

We recommend that you keep off the lawn until any liquid part of the treatments have dried (approx. 2 hours).

The treatments are safe for pets, however, we recommend that cats and dogs are kept of the lawn for 2-3 hours after a treatment. Grazing pets, such as rabbits and guinea pigs should be kept off the lawn for a minimum of two weeks or three cuts, whichever occurs first, to avoid ingestion of applied treatments.

Yes, ideally for optimum results we recommend that your lawn is cut to approximately 2.5cms/an inch pre-treatment and to avoid mowing until 2-3 days after.

We recommend mowing 3 days beforehand. Please move any  objects that you don’t wish us to spray around, such as paddling pools, BBQs, toys, etc.  We also kindly ask that you clear your lawns of any pet mess prior to our arrival – thank you!

Regular watering and mowing maximise the positive impact of our treatments.  Your lawn operative will leave advice cards with you after every treatment providing expert advice on what may be best for your lawn. For further advice please click here.

Payment, Billing and Invoicing

Direct Debit is one of the easiest ways to pay; hassle free payments without you having to remember when to pay.

Bank Transfer – Simply transfer the monies via bank transfer to the account details shown on your invoice.

Cheque – Details of where to send your cheque can be found on your invoice.  Remember to write your full name, address and customer reference number on the back of your cheque so we know it’s you! - Thank you.

Of course!   Direct Debit enables you to pay with easy, manageable monthly payments. It is a simple setup which takes the hassle out of paying as you go. You can give your local branch a call to sign up to Direct Debit today and their details can be found by entering your postcode here

Your local GreenThumb branch will be happy to help, simply give them a call.

Account Amendments or Cancellations

You can save up to 18% by upgrading your account to an Enhanced Direct Debit package or up to 25% by upgrading to our Complete packages on an annual plan, so we can work together all year round to transform your grass into a lush, green, weed-free lawn. You can do this by contacting your local branch. You can find your local branch details by entering your postcode here

We’d love to have your up-to-date contact details so we can get in touch with you about your treatments. Please fill out the ‘update my details’ form by clicking here 

We recommend that you have your email address on your account so we can send you notifications as quickly as possible.

If you are a Direct Debit customer and have recently cancelled your account, it is possible that you’ll have an outstanding balance to pay in accordance with the treatments that have been applied to your lawn. This is identified in the Terms and Conditions which states that ‘if you cancel a Direct Debit whilst owing any money to the Supplier, the Supplier shall invoice you the amount due and where on cancelling any Direct Debit the Supplier has not performed any Treatments for in advance, an appropriate refund will be made to you’. If you’d like some more information on this, please contact your local branch who can provide further details.

Please contact your local branch who will help you.

There is no need, we can simply put your treatments on hold during the renovation period.

Our service to you

Your satisfaction with our service is of the utmost importance, so if something has not gone quite as you expected, let us know and we promise we will do whatever we can to put it right. Please contact your local branch in the first instance, who will be happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

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