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Your Green Space and Wellbeing


An ever-growing body of research suggests the nearby nature of our lawns and gardens aren’t just aesthetically pleasing; mere contact with the natural world improves physical and mental health.

Even just spending 20 minutes a day outside can help relieve stress and anxiety, improve our mood and boost feelings of happiness, improving our general well-being. Gardening is a source of relaxation, accomplishment, and comfort. 

Love your garden and it will love you back! Let’s create a spot in our garden dedicated to our wellbeing. 

1.    Create curves in your garden
Some studies suggest that creating wandering paths and borders which allow you to naturally manoeuvre around your garden can be more beneficial that straight paths. Straight, direct paths could make us feel subconsciously compelled to go a certain way. Whereas a more natural and organic path allows us to move freely and at our own pace. 

2.    Plant some flowers
Fragrant herbs and flowers have an abundance of benefits. Breathing in the aromas of herbs cures many moods, particularly lavender, which is great for reducing stress and anxiety, increasing relaxation, improving your mood, and concentration. Flowers are also brilliant for our wellbeing. Depending on your personal preference, certain colours give off certain effects. Cool tones are found to be relaxing and calming or bright colours are found to lift your mood and spirit. 

3.    Water feature 
Adding a water feature to your garden is more than just a decorative piece. A pond, water feature or fountain can have positive health benefits, importantly reducing stress levels. They’re also great at providing an ecosystem for a nature and wildlife. 

It’s said that the sound of water is one of the most relaxing sounds and is loved by most. Sitting nearby water is a great place to gaze and relax. 

4.    Support the wildlife 
Being around animals and wildlife is beneficial to our overall wellbeing. Welcoming wildlife gives us a sense of accomplishment and kindness. You can create a small shelter in the corner of your garden to give wildlife a home, leave out freshwater or provide food for birds. 

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5.    Green up your garden 
Sustainability is extremely important for the environment and has a positive effect on our mental health. There are many ways you can be sustainable in the garden. You can create your own compost heap, conserve water, mulch or upcycle. We have some great ideas here: https://www.greenthumb.co.uk/blog/green-up-your-garden

6.    Comfort
You need a quiet spot in your garden, where you can sit back, relax, and take the time to appreciate your garden and hard work. 

We’d love to hear all about your green space and how it’s helped you. 

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