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Your Before and After’s  


Here at GreenThumb, we want you to fall in love with your garden by ensuring your lawn reaches its full potential as the centrepiece of your garden.

Our aim is to create a nation of lawn lovers by helping you achieve a beautiful lawn, and we do this by providing the best materials, treatments, and advice. 

However, there are times when one GreenThumb lawn looks far better than another GreenThumb lawn, even though they both have had exactly the same treatments and conditions have been identical. This is because the best lawns are achieved by means of a partnership between GreenThumb and you. 

Those customers have followed GreenThumb’s 3 Fundamental Rules of Thumb; mow regularly, don’t mow too short, and water during dry weather: https://www.greenthumb.co.uk/blog/rules-of-thumb

We care for over 2 million lovely lawns each year. So, it gives us great satisfaction to see our customers amazing lawn transformations and hear their wonderful reviews. Here are a few… 

‘’This is a before and after the treatment from you on my lawn, it wasn’t instantaneous but well worth the effort and I am very pleased’’. 

Superb before and after from our GreenThumb Reigate & Sutton branch. This customers lawn was patchy and worn, until GreenThumb’s treatment worked their magic, and the customer followed our advice. 

‘’Thought I’d share an excellent before and after shot of our garden with you, we’re really pleased’’

This customer is enjoying the Standard programme with our GreenThumb Horsham branch. They’ve also added Top Dressing and Overseeding as an additional extra, along with mowing and watering correctly to get the lawn looking lush! 

‘’We had building work done last summer which completely destroyed front and back lawns. Had prices to re turf and a price for a green thumb ‘complete makeover’ - lawn makeover worked out 30% cheaper. All work went to plan, and we now have lawns that all our neighbours stop to comment on. After the lawns had grown back some small patches didn’t take but was no trouble to come back and over seed to fix, once I let Chris know. I can’t fault the service or the products I have used from this company’’.

After building work, our customers lawn got ruined. Fortunately, our GreenThumb Birmingham North branch were able to revitalize the lawn with a GreenThumb Lawn Makeover. The results speak for themselves. 

‘’Just attaching our photo's, few weeks after first treatment, so pleased’’.

With correct mowing and watering, our GreenThumb Wolverhampton customer seen impressive results after their first treatment – Summer Ready and Oasis. 

Fall in love with your lawn. Start your lawn journey by measuring your lawn online for a free quote: https://www.greenthumb.co.uk/measure 

There is never a bad time to start improving your lawn and becoming a GreenThumb customer. In fact, if you prepare your lawn now, you’ll have a lush lawn ready to enjoy come Spring. 

If you’re existing GreenThumb customer and you have a brilliant before and after, we would love to see! Upload your photos here: https://www.greenthumb.co.uk/customer/lawn-uploader


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