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Wimbledon Inspired Garden Party


With Wimbledon starting on Monday, tennis fever has officially hit and the hordes are descending on SW19. If you haven’t been lucky enough to grab tickets to see a match at centre court, why not throw your own Wimbledon garden party and cheer on Andy from the comfort of your own home? However, before all of the fun can start, there are several things you can prepare for before the invitations are even sent out:

Out with the Old

Wimbledon is one of the most prestigious sporting events in history and your garden, at the very least, should reflect its importance. Take a look around your garden loose debris and any other unwanted foliage (around flower borders, lawns, and ponds) and clear it out. Remember to compost the waste and save it for future gardening projects.


If you have a greenhouse, make sure to give it a thorough clean before your guests have a chance to see how unruly it’s become over the colder seasons. Get rid of those overwintering pests and disease by getting into the nooks and crannies of the windows.

A Lick of Paint

If your garden fence or shed is looking a bit worse for wear, now is the best time to give it a fresh lick of paint. Broken structures, fences, and tools should also be taken care of as soon as possible. Wooden structures and tools should be cared for with a wood preservative during dryer weather periods.

Lawn Prep

Make sure your lawn is in good condition. Pick a dry day just before the party to give it its last haircut. Avoid mowing the lawn on the day itself or you’ll have lots of cut grass tramped through your home as people come and go. For the traditional feel, you could add stripes to your lawn. Read our ‘how to’ blog to get top tips on how to achieve this.

TIP: Why not give your lawn a treat? Our local GreenThumb team are now booking in Oasis treatments. Oasis will prevent your lawn from becoming dry and scorched, as once treated, it will keep subsequent moisture attached to the root zone and therefore reduce the amount of watering needed to keep your lawn looking greener during dry conditions.

Now that your garden is spick and span, let the garden party planning commence! Here are our top tips to host the perfect Wimbledon-themed party…

What to eat

If you’re doing mains, theme them according to who’s playing – paella for Nadal, fondue for Federer, haggis for Murray etc. If not, strawberries and cream should do nicely.

What to drink

There’s only room for one drink at Wimbledon, and that’s good old-fashioned Pimm’s. Add the obligatory fruit, mint and cucumber and it’s practically your 5-a-day in a glass. Non-drinkers can channel the players with bottles of Lucozade.

What to wear

Pay homage to Wimbledon’s “all-white” rule by setting a dress code for your guests. Get everyone in to the spirit with crisp white shirts, shorts and summer dresses.

What to do

Obviously, you’ll be watching the match. But liven things up a bit by challenging your guests to a game of tennis bingo. Things to tick off could include players throwing a strop, a rogue pigeon entering the court, celebrity spotting, and a between-games Mexican wave.

Feeling inspired?

Head over to our Pinterest page and check out more creative ideas to make your garden party a success! Keep these Wimbledon garden party ideas in mind and have a great tennis season!


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