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Why have we included Oasis in all our programmes?


Our Oasis Water Conserver Treatment has long been one of our most popular treatments, and a fantastic solution to helping your lawn make the most out of any available moisture.

Here at GreenThumb, we’re conscious of water usage and of course ensuring our customers have the healthiest, greenest lawn possible! With that in mind, we challenged ourselves to make Oasis even better.

Our Technical team have innovated an incredible solution which combines our Oasis Treatment with a unique seaweed extract. This pioneering development coupled with revolutionary technology, has evolved our Oasis Treatment, giving your lawn even better results – keeping your grass greener, for longer. 

This specialised water conserver treatment is applied as a liquid spray all over your lawn. Oasis compliments your regular watering regime, keeping your grass hydrated and healthy, meaning you’ll need to water up to 80% less!

Why is the Oasis Treatment so vital for a beautiful lawn?

Our years of experience tells us  that during the course of most years there is a dry period where rainfall drops and the lawn suffers as a consequence.

Since lawn grasses are 85% water, we feel a sense of obligation to ensure that every one of our customers lawns should benefit as best it can from any moisture whether that’s rainfall or even morning dew on the grass.

Most rain which finds its way on your lawn is leached through the soil. The Oasis treatment helps to hold the rainfall in the root zone of a lawn as well as stimulating horizontal root growth. As a consequence, the lawn benefits even from small amounts of moisture.

Even a shortfall in typical monthly rainfall can keep a lawn looking its best if the lawn has had an Oasis treatment. Even if the lawn might need a drink because of extreme dry weather the watering needs are reduced by as much as 80% depending on soil type, heavier soils benefit the most.

To that end, our new and improved Oasis treatment is now included in all our treatment programmes, Ultimate, Standard and Basic. It will be applied in the same period as Summer Ready, with Ultimate customers receiving a second Oasis treatment at a time when it’s most beneficial for their lawn. Of course, Standard and Basic customer can also request an additional Oasis treatment as an add on.


  • Improves absorption of any moisture received
  • Encourages root development, essential for healthy grass
  • Makes vital nutrients more readily available
  • Protects against the effects of dry conditions and sparse rainfall

Oasis’ triple action formula works like this:

Penetration: Significantly improves the movement of any moisture through the soil to the root zone where it’s required, rather than draining right through or sitting on top.

Spreadability: Effectively moves water to the right places and spreads it through the soil to benefit the whole lawn. Essential nutrients will be better able to access the roots, as nutrients use water to travel through the soil, Oasis enhances this process.

Retention: Retains water at the root zone for longer, making it more readily available for the grass plant.

Improved, Innovative, Evolved!

Do you want your lawn to benefit from this amazing treatment? Contact your local branch to join one of our fantastic programmes, tailored to meet your lawns needs.https://www.greenthumb.co.uk/branch


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