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What should I do in Autumn?


The leaves are falling, the mornings are darker, and the days are colder; Autumn is truly here. Although the weather can be unpredictable, you can expect the cold and wet, which makes it easy to neglect your beloved lawn. 

However, it’s important now more than ever to make the most of any dry days and give your lawn a pick-me-up after the summer weather. 

We’ve answered the most asked questions this time of year…

Should I mow my lawn? 

Well, when the grass temperatures remain above 5 degrees, your grass will continue to grow. We advise cutting it to keep it tidy, which will also collect or shred leaves!

However, please wait until ground conditions are suitable and only cut to about 25mm (1’’). Any shorter than this, you run the risk of a patchy, brown lawn with harmful side-effects! 

Should I water my lawn? 

We’re sure the weather will do a pretty good job of watering the lawn for you! It’s unlikely you’ll need to water your lawn unless it’s been recently scarified, overseeded or conditions are dry. 

What should I do with my leaves? 

Remove, remove, and remove! It can be a pain, but your GreenThumb Lawn Operative and your lawn will be thankful if you regularly remove the leaves from your lawn, especially before treatment. 

Although the leaves can look lovely, they can become a real problem. Allowing the leaves to gather on your lawn can block out sunlight and air which your grass needs to survive! We would recommend removing the leaves from your lawn daily or at least once a week. 

We have loads of fun ways you can put your leaves to good use: https://www.greenthumb.co.uk/blog/what-to-do-with-autumn-leaves

What about my garden equipment? 

Any items on your lawn should be removed – furniture, children’s toys, etc. If an item is left on the grass during the cold weather, it can create large dead spots because of the weight and lack of sunlight. 

It’s also time to bring your garden tools inside and give them a good clean. The cold and wet weather will damage them otherwise.  

Should I feed my lawn? 

Yes, it’s important to feed your lawn to protect and strengthen the grass to endure the Winter weather. 

Our NutraGreen Autumn Long treatment includes a micronutrient feed which helps the lawn cope with the rigours of Aeration and Scarification and to also endure the winter weather. This treatment strengthens the grass whilst dehydrating any moss that is present in your lawn, slowing down its growth and spread.

What does GreenThumb recommend? 

100% - Aeration and Scarification.

You will see us talking about Aeration and Scarification a lot for the next few weeks. This is because annual Aeration and Scarification is so important for a healthy lawn, whether you tackle this job yourself or bring in GreenThumb, your lawn will truly benefit from it. 

If the lawn is looking thin and soil is visible in places, we would advise to overseed and top dress the area. 

Let GreenThumb protect your lawn. Join one of our popular lawn treatment programmes today and reap the rewards in Spring. Contact your local GreenThumb branch: www.greenthumb.co.uk/branch


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