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Treat your lawn to StressBeater!


Treat your lawn to StressBeater!

Quite simply, StressBeater helps your lawn beat stress. Stress in the grass plant can be caused by drought, moss, compaction or even mowing incorrectly. This treatment works by slowing the vertical growth of the grass and diverting it to other parts of the plant, resulting in a thicker, and healthier lawn which requires less mowing. 

The benefits of our StressBeater treatment are:
•    Controlled rate of growth, so less top growth, but more lateral growth and root development.
•    Improved sward density, thus creating a thicker, lusher lawn.
•    Better root development meaning a stronger plant.
•    Stronger roots enabling the plant to find moisture at a deeper level.
•    Improved turf colour with the nutrition supplied.
•    Overall better plant health leading to increased stress tolerance.

We apply this treatment between April and August as a liquid feed and is included in our Ultimate Programme. It’s also available as a separate treatment to any of our customers on our Standard or Basic Programmes. 
Give your lawn a treat today!

Contact your local branch to book: www.greenthumb.co.uk/branch


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