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The Great British Lawn Off

The Great British Lawn Off

The weekly fix of the BBC’s Great British Bake Off gets us all in the mood for cake, and lots of it! But don’t you also look longingly at the warm, summer garden scenes and the stunning, fresh, floral back drops along with the lush green lawn? We do!  

Now that the days are drawing in and the weather is chilling down,  autumn is actually ‘lawn season’ and if you don’t take time to give the grass some love, there will be no relaxing in the deckchair with a large slab of cake on a sumptuous grass carpet next year. 

Here are some tips to win next year’s Great British Lawn Off! 

  1. Feeding (not with cake!): Your lawn needs feeding - the key ingredient in our Autumn treatment is a micronutrient which assists chlorophyll production and toughens the plant for winter.
  2. Aerating (just like a fluffy Victoria sponge, lawns need holes too!): The lawn benefits from aeration which relieves compaction, allowing the air to move freely in the root zone.
  3. Mowing: Lawns will still need an occasional cut when weather conditions allow.  Doing so keeps the lawn tidy and prepares it for winter.
  4. Raking: Once the leaves begin to fall, ensure they are raked out of the lawn.  
  5. Scarifying (let the cake breathe!): Thatch that accumulates in the lawn over the year will need to be removed, helping the plant to breathe. This is carried out annually to keep thatch levels low.
  6. Renovating turf: Autumn is a good time to do lawn renovation as the soil will be warm; this will allow seed to germinate and be well established before the onset of winter. Patches can be returfed, and hollows and bumps smoothed out. Sow grass seed on bare patches of lawn. 

Voila – a perfect masterpiece that Mary Berry would be keen to enjoy!

We can help protect your garden with our autumn/winter lawn treatment service. Find your local branch here.

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