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The Benefits of Machine Work


Put simply, every lawn benefits from Aeration and Scarification. Most Lawn Lovers understand that our Core Treatments only go so far in creating what we all want to see – an amazing lawn. 

For many GreenThumb customers, their annual programme already includes Aeration and Scarification; the results truly speak for themselves!

Your lawn will benefit from Aeration and Scarification by joining our Standard programme, in which you can save up to 18% when paying by Direct Debit or our Ultimate programme and save up to 30% when paying by Direct Debit. 

When does GreenThumb carry out this work? 
We Aerate and Scarify lawns either during the Autumn from late September onwards or during the Spring months. 

How often should Aeration and Scarification be carried out? 
Many serious gardeners carry out Aeration and Scarification twice a year. However, with our machines, we believe once each year is good practice for a typical lawn. 
If you haven’t already had Aeration & Scarification before, your lawn will truly benefit. 

What is Aeration? 
Aeration reduces sub-surface thatch and soil compaction. Although there are a few different types of Aeration, Hollow-Tine and Fracture-Tine are the best for lawns. Your lawn operative will recommend the best type of Aeration most suited to the condition of your lawn. 

What is Scarification? 
Scarification reduces surface thatch as it naturally forms on a lawn. However, when it gets too thick it prevents important elements such as water, fertiliser, and oxygen from getting to the grass roots. 
The result is a mossy and spongy lawn. Scarification removes most of the surface thatch and should be a feature of any good annual lawn maintenance programme.

What is thatch? 
Thatch is a natural accumulation of dead and organic matter either above or below the soil line. Some thatch naturally degrades but more often than not it gets thicker and thicker, mostly on the surface but frequently below the surface too. 
Too much thatch reduces the lawn’s ability to stay green in dry weather, promotes Red Thread, and hampers good root development. 

You’d be surprised how much thatch is in a lawn! 

The benefits of Aeration and Scarification:
1.    Thins out below-the-surface thatch
2.    Reduces/removes the moss loving environment
3.    Encourages root development
4.    Increases water, nutrient, and air access to the soil
5.    Relieves compaction in the soil
6.    Improves the lawns ability to cope with drought and disease
7.    An overall healthier lawn
8.    Makes lawn treatments more effective

Contact your local branch to request Machine Work today: www.greenthumb.co.uk/branch


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