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Supporting your Garden Wildlife  


Last year, to support our garden wildlife, we set up GreenThumb Gardens. Since then, many of you have given the birds and other beneficial insects and animals a home in your garden.

Garden wildlife relies on us to provide regular food, water, and shelter to help with survival and we’re proud that our customers are on this journey with us. 

Did you know, for every £20 spent, we contribute £1 to support a wildlife charity? In 2021, we accumulated the proceeds and chose two well-deserving charities to each receive £750.

Located in Llandudno, The Owls Trust work tirelessly to rescue and rehabilitate wild birds, educate people on the importance of habitats, and maintain breeding stocks of the world’s rarest owls so they’re able to enhance threatened populations or even reintroduce new groups.

Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital in Chichester dedicate themselves to rehabilitating wildlife from injury caused by road traffic collisions, attacks by domestic pets, garden injuries, orphans, man-made injuries, and habitat loss/climate change, caring for over 3,500 wildlife patients each year.

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We are excited to see how much we can raise in 2022 to support other exceptional charities and their wildlife. You can help by shopping here: https://www.greenthumbgardens.co.uk/

What is GreenThumb Gardens? 

GreenThumb Gardens is an exclusive GreenThumb customer membership site. It offers fantastic discounts, as well as the best quality bird seeds, feeders, and a few other products to attract other garden wildlife. 

What discounts do GreenThumb customers receive?

All customers receive 10% discount on all products, in addition to further discounts depending on their Lawn Treatment programme. 

•    Standard customers receive four £5 gift vouchers throughout the year. 
•    Ultimate customers receive four £8 gift vouchers throughout the year.

Why not start your journey to a wildlife safe garden? 

Helping garden birds can be as rewarding for you as it is for them. Whether you’d like a new bird feeder with bespoke GreenThumb birdseed or a cosy hedgehog house to help out your local wildlife, GreenThumb Gardens have plenty of brilliant products to enhance your garden and create an environment for nature to thrive.

You could start by inviting birds into your garden with our premium bird mix here.

If you are already a GreenThumb customer, contact your local branch to receive your exclusive discounts: www.greenthumb.co.uk/branch

DIY Bird Feeder

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