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Summer Tips


Summer is the season when we enjoy our gardens the most, but it can also be a demanding time for our lawn grasses, particularly during dry any periods.

Whilst our treatments provide excellent nutrition, we’ve got some simple tips on how you can help nurture your lawn, complementing our visits. With just a little bit of care and attention, you can have a lawn which thrives all year round, making the neighbours green with envy!

  • Mowing: It’s important to check that your mower’s blade is sharp, and that any debris is removed. The more often it’s cut, the better it will look. However, it’s essential to remember not to cut your lawn too short, or to cut more than a quarter of the blade in one go – this can stress the grass plant. Don’t forget to remove grass clippings as they contribute to surface thatch on the lawn which can encourage moss.
  • Watering: Knowing how to water your lawn correctly is critical to the overall health of your lawn. Water to the depth of at least 1 inch to ensure it penetrates the roots (you can measure this by placing some empty glasses on the lawn). The best time to water your lawn is in the morning or late evening when the sun isn’t so strong, this is when it’s most likely to soak in rather than evaporate.
  • Shade: Lawns in shade require special attention, without the required about of sun each day the grasses can deteriorate becoming less resilient and prone to disease. In addition, grass under trees with dense canopies will compete for water and nutrients with the tree roots.Ensure any garden furniture isn’t stealing any light from your lawn, it’s best to move this around if possible. Cut lawns in shade less frequently and to no lower than 2 inches. Our own unique grass seed includes fescue grasses which are better at coping with shade, drought, and poor nutrient levels – all GreenThumb Makeovers benefit from our seed.
  • NutraGreen: Our GreenThumb treatments help to keep your lawn healthy and strong. Including a weed control application along with many other benefits, the aim is a thick, rich, green lawn to love all summer long!

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