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  2. Summer Long - Keeping your lawn green all Summer

Summer Long - Keeping your lawn green all Summer


How are you spending your Summer? 
In recent weeks, we have been treated to some warm (but cloudy!) weather!  
Although dry weather is great for us, it can be a bother for our lawns. So, it’s important we continue to give our lawn the extra care and attention it deserves throughout Summer. 

Summer Long
Get a helping hand from GreenThumb, with our revolutionary Summer Long treatment! It will continue to nourish your lawn, working hard to reduce your weeds and green up your grass. 
The fertiliser has a unique coating which enables it to sit patiently on your lawn, waiting for the optimal weather conditions and moisture levels before releasing its nutrients onto your lawn – between 4-5 months! 
We will also target those pesky weeds with a tailored liquid herbicide application! 

Caring for your lawn in dry weather
Our Summer Ready treatment will maintain and green up your lawn, however for the best results…
•    Implement a regular water regime 
•    Increase the height of the cut to at least two inches
•    Continue with your lawn treatments to give your lawn the best chance of survival. 

Watering your lawn
•    Watering in the evening is best for your lawn.
•    Water for only 20 minutes at a time to avoid ‘run off’. 
•    For more efficient watering, use a sprinkler and a timer.
•    Watering costs far less than reseeding or replacing a lawn which has died of thirst. 
•    Our Oasis Water Conserver can also help to reduce the need to water by up to 80%!

Join one of our popular lawn treatment programmes and care for your lawn all year round!

Request your free lawn analysis – just enter your postcode to find your local GreenThumb branch: https://www.greenthumb.co.uk/branch



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