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StressBeater: Give your lawn a treat


At GreenThumb, our Technical Team never tire from innovating expert solutions to fantastic Lawn Care. We’re continuously developing new and exciting Lawn Treatments to keep your lawn looking it’s best.

Another innovative treatment we have recently introduced is our StressBeater treatment. 

Believe it or not, grass gets stressed just like we do, and this is exactly what this treatment helps with, beating stress!

It’s unique combination of macro and micronutrients, wetting agents, bio stimulants and amino acids, means the iron content provides an immediate colour change (for the better!) and helps guard against biotic stress.

This high-tech treatment creates a thick, lush, and healthy lawn by slowing vertical growth and diverting it to other parts of the plant. 

Put simply, the benefits of our StressBeater treatment are:

  • Controlled rate of growth, so less top growth, but more lateral growth and root development.
  • Improved sward density, thus creating a thicker, lusher lawn.
  • Better root development meaning a stronger plant.
  • Stronger roots enabling the plant to find moisture at a deeper level.
  • Improved turf colour with the nutrition supplied.
  • Overall better plant health leading to increased stress tolerance.

We apply this treatment between April and August as a liquid feed and is included in our Ultimate Programme. It’s also available as a separate treatment to any of our customers on our Standard or Basic Programmes. 

Give your lawn a treat today! Contact your local branch to book: www.greenthumb.co.uk/branch



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