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Speedy DIY Bird Feeder


Feeding birds is a great way to encourage wildlife into your garden all year round. This is especially important as the nights draw in and the frost begins to bite, as our feathered friends will be extremely grateful for some extra attention from you as they boost their reserves for winter.

There are some really simple ways to create bird feeders from everyday items you may have lying around the house or garden. Perfect if you have a Sunday afternoon to spare, our quick step-by-step guide will help both kids and grown-ups get back to nature.

How to create your bird feeder

You will need:

  • A ball of string
  • Scissors
  • A fir cone
  • Lard
  • A bag of bird seed
  • Cling film
  1. Cut a 10cm piece of string and tie to the top of your fir cone.
  2. Make sure your lard is room temperature. Once it is soft to the touch, roll the fir cone in the lard to ensure it is well covered.
  3. Open the bag of birdseed and pour into a shallow flat dish. It’s now time to roll the lard-covered fir cone in the seed. Ensure it’s well covered.
  4. Cover your creation in cling film and pop in the freezer overnight. It will then be ready to hang around your garden the next day. You can also keep a stock in your freezer over wintertime and take out when you need to.

Extra quick fix tip

If you just don’t have the time to roll fir cones in lard and seed, grab a bag of peanuts in shells on your next trip to a supermarket or pet shop, and use a skewer to pierce a hole through. Simply thread together and hang around your garden.

Let us know how you get on and remember - it’s not just the winter wildlife that feel the frost. Have you thought about protecting your garden with our autumn/winter lawn treatment service? Find your local branch here.

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