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Sit back, relax & admire your new lawn


Does your lawn look like this? Is your lawn tired and aging? Riddled with weed grasses? Or maybe your lawn just needs a fresh start? Then a GreenThumb Lawn Makeover is what you need. 

A well cared for lawn will enhance the appearance of your garden and create a relaxing outdoor space for you to enjoy all year round. 

Despite best efforts, sometimes your lawn needs more than regular treatments to reach its full potential; GreenThumb Lawn Makeover is the solution. And who wouldn’t love a new lawn that is a fraction of the cost of returfing and with better results?! 

Just look at the result…

So, what is the Lawn Makeover process?

To begin, we apply a ‘clean label’ herbicide to kill the lawn. As the lawn dies over the next 7-14 days, it will turn yellow and then brown. We will then remove the dead grass and thatch, with our unique de-thatching reel. 

The next stage is Aeration. Aeration improves air space and soil structure to promote a good foundation for germination. We will collect and remove all debris to be taken to a bio-fuel plant to be made into compost. Or you could use this on your own compost heap if you want! 

Now, the best bit. Our ‘Diamond Green’ seed; exclusive to GreenThumb customers is applied to your lawn. This seed adapts specifically to any environment making it the best choice by far for your lawn. 

We apply our 100% organic top dressing to encourage germination followed by our unique NutraGreen fertiliser which will feed your lawn for up to 10 weeks. Your new lawn will then receive our unique Oasis Water Conserver treatment, which has been given an upgrade! Oasis aids water retention at the root zone, also reducing the amount of watering required from you. 

At the end of your Lawn Makeover, we will make 3 follow-up visits over the next 10-12 weeks. These include germination progress, mowing advice and concludes with a bespoke, feed and weed treatment. 

Now, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your gardens beautiful centrepiece – a true GreenThumb Garden. 

For more information, contact your local branch today – click here.

The results certainly do speak for themselves… 


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