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September Secrets to Keep your Garden Looking Tip-Top


September is a very important time here at GreenThumb HQ.  It’s definitely a month of change all round, as we wave goodbye to the summer sun and the kids head back to school, but did you know it’s also the best time to establish new lawns? It’s also worth giving thought to autumn, winter and even spring; in fact, this month could make or break your garden for the year ahead!

With that in mind, we’ve put together some top-tips for your lawn and garden that will have it set up for a hardy winter through to spring in no time.

Establish a new lawn

After a few too many hot summer days, you may notice some scorched patches of grass and decide to inject a new lease of life into your tired-looking lawn. This month, establish new lawns by sewing seeds that will thrive with the warm temperatures and increased rain showers September brings.  Here are some sewing tips:

  • Make sure you sew seeds evenly on a dry day and follow by a light raking of the soil surface
  • Pick a day that isn’t too windy, to ensure your seeds get scattered where they’re needed
  • Work to roughly 30-40g of seed per square metre. Germination will take around ten days

Get planting

Your garden can be beautiful all year round if you get the planting right. This month, you should focus on:

  • Setting out young plants so they have time to establish before the year ends
  • Perennials (great in garden borders and can be evergreen or deciduous) and biennials (sturdy flowering plants with a two year life cycle) will thrive really well due to warm soil and increased rain
  • Transplanting evergreen shrubs before winter and dividing and replanting plants that have stopped flowering over summer, to ensure they have enough space to grow again in spring

Protect from frost

It pains us to say it, but first frosts may begin to appear this month. Make sure your little plants are protected by moving pots of tender plants, like geraniums and fuscias, indoors. They’ll love you back for it!

And, whilst grass stops growing over winter, why not protect your lawn with our Autumn/Winter treatment? It will work wonders to strengthen the grass and reduce the spread of moss.

Get set for spring

Yes, we said it, spring! Winter may not be here yet but you can start thinking about planting bulbs. Best to choose bulbs that have been in the shops since August, including crocuses and daffodils. Best to hold back tulips until October or November.

For more tips on your September, click here, or to book your Autumn/Winter treatment, locate your local branch.

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