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GreenThumb’s fundamental Rules of Thumb


At GreenThumb, our aim is to help you achieve a beautiful lawn and we do this by providing the best materials, treatments, and advice. However, we need your help to make your lawn go from good to great! 

There are times when one GreenThumb lawn looks far better than another GreenThumb lawn, even though they both have had exactly the same treatments and conditions have been identical. Why is that? 

Simply put, the best lawns are achieved by means of a partnership between GreenThumb and the customer. We hope the following guidelines will ensure you get the best results and fully benefit from the treatments you receive. 

If you want the best from GreenThumb’s treatments, follow these 3 fundamental Rules of Thumb.

1. Mow regularly

The more often a lawn is mown the better it will look. Lawns should not be allowed to grow too much before they are mown. 

  • Weekly cuts at certain times of the year such as the Autumn and Summer would be a good general rule. 
  • A warm, wet Spring or early Summer might mean the lawn needs mowing more frequently than once a week. Even in the Winter, the lawn might benefit from a monthly trim especially if it’s a dry and warm one. 
  • If the lawn is left too long before its first cut in the year, this can mean a poor looking lawn for March and April. 

2. Don’t mow too short

Correct mowing is the most important feature of a great lawn. 

  • We recommend to never cut your lawn less than 1 inch (25mm), unless in late Autumn, cut to about 40mm (our lawns do not like being scalped!)
  • During dry weather, increase the height of the cut to 2 inches (50mm). This keeps the grass cool and stops it from drying out too quickly. 
  • Don’t let your lawn grow too long before mowing, especially soon after a treatment. 
  • If your lawn has grown too long, cut it back in stages rather than all at once. 
  • If your lawn has been ‘scalped’, mowing your lawn as often as you can, will give it the best chance of recovery. However, it would be best to increase the height of the cut. 

3. Water during dry weather

Made up of 83% water, grass grows quickly in our mild, damp climate. However, in periods of dry weather, it’s vital to water your lawn otherwise it’ll become stressed and brown. Our lovely lawn grasses will die, whilst those pesky weeds survive. 
Watering costs far less than reseeding or replacing a lawn which has died of thirst, you’ll also use much more water on a new lawn or on bare patches. So, keep your lawn healthy with regular watering. 

  • Watering in the evening is best for your lawn
  • Water for 20 minutes at a time, avoiding any ‘pooling’ on your lawn
  • For most efficient watering, use a sprinkler and timer
  • Our Oasis treatment will help to reduce pooling, especially on dry patches. Oasis also compliments your regular watering regime, keeping your grass hydrated and healthy, meaning you’ll need to water up to 80% less.

Start your lawn journey by measuring your lawn online for a free quote: https://www.greenthumb.co.uk/measure 


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