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Pull on your wellies and enjoy October half-term on your lawn


With the Indian summer fading, dark nights slowly drawing in and the weather getting colder, it can become tempting to wrap up and stay indoors. However, with half-term around the corner, now is the perfect time to try some of GreenThumb’s favourite autumnal activities on your lawn!

Leaf Angels

The autumn leaves are falling, so why not encourage the kids to get stuck in by making their best ‘Leaf Angels’ after a garden clear up. Fun for adults and children alike, simply lie down on your lawn in a pile of leaves and move your arms and legs up and down to create fun shapes.

Butternut Squash Bowling

This much-loved autumn vegetable can have a new lease of life on your garden lawn! Write numbers on each butternut squash and stack them on the ground like bowling skittles. Hey presto! A new take on an old favourite.

Scavenger Hunt

There’s lots of wildlife in your garden at this time of year. Encourage the kids to embrace nature by creating a list of wildlife and plants for them to find in the garden. This could be anything from pinecones to snails. You can also read about making your own bird feeder here.

Pumpkin Decorating/Carving

It's pumpkin season, so why not have a pumpkin decorating/carving party in the garden? This is the perfect opportunity to get stuck-in with no worry of getting the house a mess. Why not throw the insides of the pumpkin on the compost heap or scoop out the flesh inside for pumpkin pie?

Make a Hedgehog a Home

It was announced in the news recently that hedgehogs are becoming an endangered species. So why not show some extra love for hedgehogs this autumn by opening up your garden to them. You can do this by laying out logs, fresh water and crushed biscuits, which may encourage them to visit your garden.  This will also be an exciting way for the kids to get a first hand experience of exploring and helping wildlife. You may even spot them crossing your lawn at night!

If you want your garden to be fit for family fun all year round, it’s important to remember that autumn is a testing time for our lawns, as the climate will eventually stop the grass from growing. It is extremely important that an Autumn/Winter Treatment is applied to strengthen your lawn for the rigors of winter. For more information, why not contact your nearest GreenThumb branch - our teams will be able to give you expert advice on looking after your lawn.

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