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Prepare your Lawn now


With the falling temperatures, we tend to spend less time in our gardens, but the autumn/winter months are very important times to take care of our lawns. It’s the perfect time to maintain the grass and give extra care to your lawn in preparation for spring (and to tackle the issues these colder months bring!). 

Autumn is a very important season for your grass. Lush green lawns in spring don’t just appear overnight, the preparation starts now. Your lawn is made up of living, breathing plants, therefore requires care and attention throughout every season, especially through the harsher conditions of autumn and winter. 

Following summer, our lawns will now face compaction, thatch, and moss; thankfully, there are solutions to these common problems. As pioneers in the Lawn Care industry, we at GreenThumb carry out millions of lawn treatments every year, with over 35 years’ experience in unrivalled Lawn Care.

NutraGreen Autumn Long 

Throughout the colder months, your lawn will benefit from GreenThumb’s NutraGreen Autumn Long. This treatment makes the lawn greener and encourages a stronger, more robust grass plant, as well as dehydrating any moss that is present in your lawn, slowing down its growth and spread. 


  • October - December


  • This is a liquid spray
  • Micronutrient feed to strengthen grass


  • Strengthens grass for Winter
  • Dehydrates moss for a healthier lawn

Aeration and Scarification 

As well as our Autumn Long treatment, it’s important for the overall health of your lawn to receive essential machine work – Aeration and Scarification.  

As pleasant as summer in the garden can be, it takes its toll on a lawn - the heat of the sun, lack of rainfall and more weight exerted on the grass, combine to cause soil to become compacted.

Soil that is compacted is hard, dry and causes the grass plant to weaken, shallow root development, surface thatch and often dry patch and moss. The best way to combat compaction and let your lawn breathe is Aeration. This mechanical treatment relieves compaction by creating spaces in the ground so that essential air, water, and nutrients can reach needed areas. 


Another common issue that causes problems in a lawn is thatch. Thatch is formed of grass clippings, dead leaves, living stems and roots. It impacts the soil’s moisture levels, which encourages grass to live in the thatch. Therefore, removal of thatch is necessary to make the roots grow deeper, to get the moisture in the soil underneath, making for a stronger grass plant. Aeration reduces excess thatch below the soil’s surface, and scarification removes thatch on the lawn’s surface.

More about Aeration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7gMqSBHA6U 

Moss also effects many lawns this time of year. When it comes to treating moss, many try to rake it out, but the optimal solution is to have Scarification professionally carried out to remove surface thatch, thereby treating the conditions that encourage moss growth. 

More about Scarification: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dur_tqKEbF0&t=41s 

Both Aeration and Scarification are intensive procedures for a lawn, however, they remove a surprising amount of unwanted matter and the visible benefits in the future are well worth it – trust us!

Lawn Care Tips

In the later months of the year, it’s also important to make sure your grass plant has enough light. Therefore, we advise to cut back shrubs, bushes, and overhanging branches.

It’s also imperative to rake fallen leaves from the lawn as soon as you can as this helps to reduce disease caused by trapped moisture. A lot of people stop mowing their lawn around autumn time, however, grass will still grow at 5°c and above, so it will still need to be cut, although no lower than 1 inch (25mm).  

Although the latter months of the year often symbolise preparing for an end or a decline, GreenThumb see it slightly differently. We take care of your lawn during the colder months so that it reaches its full potential in spring.

Join our community of Lawn Lovers today. Contact your local GreenThumb branch: https://www.greenthumb.co.uk/branch


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