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One man went to mow…and you can too


Over the coming months, many of us will be spending our weekends behind a mower. Love it or hate it, everyone who has a lawn will need to cut it. So it pays to get a good one. But where do you start with so much choice?

The range of lawnmowers Mountfield has to offer is our top choice. Not only are they good value for the quality, but they offer fabulous all-round mowers for every type of garden. 

Mountfield is a well-established brand and its focus on durable, reliable mowers means it is a perfect match for our quality, premier lawn treatment service.

If you are an existing customer, don’t forget we have a fantastic offer throughout this month that you can't miss! We are pleased to offer all GreenThumb customers a £20 discount on any Mountfield cordless and petrol lawnmowers purchased online. Claim your offer now.

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