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Oasis: Just add water


Do you have a healthy, hydrated lawn that requires up to 80% less watering? Then you want GreenThumb’s Oasis Treatment; keeping your grass greener for longer.

What does it do?

  • Improves absorption of any water received, either from rainfall, watering or even morning dew
  • Encourages root development, which is essential for healthy, thriving grass
  • Makes vital nutrients more readily available
  • Protects against the effects of dry conditions and sparse rainfall

How does it work?

Oasis is a triple action moisture management treatment for lucky lawns. Just a few of the benefits are:


Significantly improves the movement of any moisture through the soil to the root zone where it is required, rather than draining right through or sitting on the top.

Spread ability

Effectively moves water to the right places and spreads it through the soil in order to benefit the whole lawn.

Essential nutrients will be more easily accessible to the roots, as nutrients use water to travel through the soil and Oasis enhances this process.


Retains water at the root zone for longer, making it more readily available for the grass plant.

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