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Nourish your lawn in dry weather


As our summers (and even springs) become hotter and drier, as predicted, caring for our lawns during these dry periods becomes ever more important.

To give your lawn the best chance of thriving, and ultimately surviving, the most important thing to do is to ensure your lawn is strong and healthy to withstand the elements.

So, what can be done to help our lawns during dry weather?

Implementing a regular treatment programme, an effective watering regime and a successful mowing technique, are all preventative measures (and great Lawn Care practice) to give your lawn the best chance of staying green and healthy.

Can my lawn be treated during dry weather?

Yes. It’s a common misconception that that treatments aren’t as effective when your lawn is dry. If your lawn is dry, it is the most important time for it to be receiving a treatment.

Our GreenThumb fertiliser is specially coated to protect your lawn during dry conditions. Once applied, it lies dormant until there is sufficient moisture to aid release; the feed is then released into the soil or root zone.

Does the fertiliser have to be watered in?

No, it’s not necessary. Of course, since grass is made up of approx. 83% water, it appreciates a good drink!

What makes GreenThumb’s fertiliser better to cope with dry weather than others?

Our fertilisers have been manufactured to cope with dry conditions whereas many others on the market have little or no coating meaning they must be watered in otherwise they can scorch the lawn.

Why should I have the GreenThumb treatment instead of just waiting for the rain and then having a treatment?

If you have the treatments then the fertiliser is in place for when the rains come, this is very important in assisting with recovery. If you miss the treatment, and there is no fertiliser to assist with recovery, it may take longer to recover.

My gardener tells me that you can’t apply dry granular fertiliser in dry weather conditions, are they right?  

If you are looking at an inferior product which is what the gardener is likely looking at, then yes, they're right.  Our NutraGreen fertilisers have been manufactured for these situations. So, if they were talking about our fertilisers, then they’re wrong. Applying the GreenThumb NutraGreen fertilisers are the best course of action with the dry weather we currently have.

For more advice on dry weather including mowing, watering, weed control and recovery click here.


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