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No business like snow business


It’s snow joke. We all go into a frenzy at the first sign of flurries! Although snow can be a very pretty and exciting time, it can also be a challenging time for your lawn. Snow itself is generally not a problem but a fungal disease called snow mould (a variant of fusarium) can develop.

What is snow mould?

As the snow melts, you may notice some unusual brown rings and matted areas on your lawn. This is the calling card of one of the more frustrating lawn diseases - snow mould, a fungal disease.
When snow settles on a lawn for any length of time it will act as an incubator, causing disease-inducing pathogens, which are ever present, to break out. Unfortunately, you will only become aware of its existence once the snow has melted away and the lawn is left with unsightly patches.

The fungus produces white patches which, in severe cases, can turn pink.

How to deal with snow mould

As with all diseases, it is much easier to prevent than to cure - proper lawn care and maintenance is the answer. To avoid this disease, try and keep snow off the lawn. However, if this is not possible, we can help by treating it with a special fungicide.

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