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New Year, New Lawn


Over recent years, the majority of us have a new found appreciation for our green spaces and the lawns that accompany them. At GreenThumb, we want you to fall in love with your garden by ensuring your lawn reaches its full potential as its shining centrepiece. 

So, why not start your new year, with a new lawn? Our GreenThumb Lawn Makeover will give your lawn a fresh start, ready to create long-lasting memories with. 
Why a GreenThumb Lawn Makeover? 

Perhaps your lawn is plagued with weed grasses; maybe the lawn is literally as 'old as the hills'...and it shows! Possibly it’s old and worn out (can happen to us all!). Or maybe, you just want to give your lawn a fresh start! Whatever the reason, GreenThumb can help. 

Unfortunately, without the appropriate care and attention, time does take its toll on our lawns. That’s why, over recent years we set ourselves the task of turning existing lawns into the ultimate lawn. 

Our Lawn Makeover is not a superficial, quick fix transformation such as scarifying and over-seeding - often called a Lawn Renovation. No, we give you a brand-new lawn using our bespoke Diamond Green seed!

Benefits of the Lawn Makeover

• Guaranteed best quality grasses
• 100% weed free, organic, recycled top dressing applied
• Water conserver applied
• Three post makeover follow up visits 

During our visit we will

1.    Produce a lawn analysis report
2.    Discuss the Lawn Makeover process
3.    Measure the lawn(s)
4.    Take multiple core samples
5.    Measure thatch depth
6.    Ascertain moisture levels and drainage
7.    Assess the mowing practices
8.    Assess the logistics of the Lawn Makeover operation
9.    Take a photo of your lawn
10.  Discuss what you can expect during and after the Lawn Makeover
11.   And of course, provide a quotation! 

Contact your local GreenThumb branch to request a free visit – www.greenthumb.co.uk/branch


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