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National Gardening Week


Over the last year, many of us have discovered a newfound appreciation for our gardens. The benefits of spending time in our outdoor spaces are huge, from improving our mental health to enhancing creativity, making the most of our gardens is a great positive.

Gardening can be more about growing, it can have huge positive impacts on our physical and mental health. For National Gardening Week in 2021, we’re celebrating the wellbeing benefits of gardening and the feel-good power of plants and gardens. We will be sharing easy tips on how you can get your gardening on… 

It’s been proven that being outdoors can considerably improve both self-esteem and mood, easing depression and anxiety. As being in nature has found to be invigorating, even spending just 20 minutes a day outside has shown to improve concentration, help with problem-solving and enhance creativity. 

Let’s get our daily dose of Vitamin Green’s! Here are some easy tips to get you outside… 

  • Look after the wildlife: Create a bug hotel, home for the birds or feeding station for hedgehogs. Visit GreenThumb Gardens for your wildlife needs: www.greenthumbgardens.co.uk
  • Observe the birds: Watch and listen to the birds in your green space. How many can you see? 
  • Grow for wellbeing: Sow seeds, sow herbs, plant flowers, or plant hanging baskets. 
  • Mow your lawn: Mow a minimum of once a week and don’t cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade. 
  • Keep your lawn green: Just like the plants in your flower beds, your lawn will need watering to make sure it stays green. You could collect rainwater in buckets or watering cans. This saves money and plants actually prefer rainwater as it’s acidic, whereas tap water is chalky!
  • Trim lawn edges: Why not tidy up your lawn edges to create define borders?
  • Composting: Create your own compost heap with your kitchen and garden waste for an excellent soil improver. Great for the environment too! 
  • Spring clean: Now is a great time to clean your gardening equipment, clear out sheds and tidy up the garden. Maybe even give your fences a makeover. 
  • Bring the outside in: Add some green, leafy houseplants around your living space. 
  • Get the children involved: Show your little ones the fun that gardening holds whilst they also learn new things.  
  • Sit back and relax: Sit outside and admire your garden.

Let us know what you get up to… 

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