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Love your lawn this Winter: Tips


Want to protect your lawn this Winter?

Lawn care services during the Winter are some of the most important of the year. What we do with our lawns now determines how healthy it’ll be next year.

Follow our tips and tricks to ensure a bright and beautiful lawn in time for Spring!

  • Rest the lawn: Your lawn needs some sleep too! During colder months, it is much easier for your grass to become damaged. Once your lawn is treated and has benefited from Aeration & Scarification, it is fully prepared to take on winter and have a well-deserved rest.
  • Clear the leaves: Leaf damage can be long-lasting! Take care of your lawn by using a light rake or brush to remove debris. Leaves can block out the much-needed sunlight and oxygen your grass needs to survive.
  • Mowing: Do’s & Don’ts of Winter Mowing! Avoid mowing if heavy frosts are expected or if the ground is very wet. Ensure the cut is around 1” and most importantly use sharp blades whilst trimming the grass.
  • Garden tools: Bring everything inside! Be sure that nothing is left out in the cold - clean and oil your tools thoroughly to help them last longer. If an object is left outside during cold weather, it can create large dead spots on the lawn which we don’t want!
  • Treatments: For best results, take care of your lawn with our specialist treatments! We strengthen your grass for the rigours of Winter and dehydrate that unsightly moss. Along with the all-important Aeration & Scarification, together we can achieve a beautiful Spring lawn!

What GreenThumb treatments will your lawn love this Winter?


     Process:    Works      best for:                                                Benefits:                          Included with:
Nutragreen 4 (Autumn/Winter) All lawn types
  • Micro-nutrient rich treatment which doesn’t encourage growth over Winter
  • Designed to stimulate chlorophyll activity for a stronger, more robust lawn to cope with the cold (keeps it green without the use of Nitrogen)
  • Dehydrates moss to control it spreading
All Programmes (Nutragreen, Enhanced & Complete)
Aeration Compacted lawns
  • Allows air to efficiently circulate through the soil
  • Essential oxygen, water & nutrients can reach where they’re needed
  • Improved surface drainage
  • Encourages better root development & stronger grass
Enhanced & Complete Programmes (available separately on our Nutragreen Programme)
Scarification Spongy 'thatchy' lawns
  • Essential oxygen, water & nutrients can reach where they’re needed
  • Removes excess thatch & moss
  • Encourages stronger grass & a better grass colour
Enhanced & Complete Programmes (available separately on our Nutragreen Programme)

Book your GreenThumb treatment now and get ahead of the inevitable cold weather.

Your lawn will thank you later! Click here to book.


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