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Lockdown Gardens


Throughout lockdown, many of us have discovered a newfound appreciation for our gardens. The benefits of spending time in our outdoor spaces are huge, from improving our mental health to enhancing creativity, making the most of our gardens is a great positive.

Benefits of outdoor spaces

Being outdoors can significantly reduce the effects of stress on our bodies; the smell of flowers and grass can help to relax us. By breathing in these phytoncides (a chemical released into the air from plants, trees, and grasses), your level of white blood cells will increase building your immune system.

Studies have shown that green environments help to improve both self-esteem and mood, easing depression and anxiety. As being in nature has found to be restorative, even spending just 20 minutes a day outside has shown to improve concentration, help with problem-solving and enhance creativity.

How has lockdown changed our garden habits?

The RHS commissioned survey by OnePoll of 2000 people in the UK, has revealed just how much we appreciate our gardens during lockdown. This survey shows that 7 out of 10 of us believe having a garden has helped our mental health during lockdown with regular activities such as watering or mowing. Furthermore, 60% of participants felt that their physical health has benefited from the opportunity to garden.

Interestingly, just over half of participants said they will value their gardens more now than they did prior to lockdown. Of those who don’t have an outdoor space, 67% advised they would add it to their wish list when they next move home. Great news for gardens!

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Source: https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/health-and-wellbeing/articles/Lockdown-lowdown


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