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Less weeds, more lawn!


One of the most common questions we’re asked is if our Lawn Treatments help to reduce weeds? The answer is yes! 

What are weeds? 

A weed is a plant that’s considered undesirable and are usually the main reason why someone chooses to have lawn treatments. Our human activities create weed problems, of course no plant is considered a weed in nature.
Weeds compete against your lawn grass for sunlight, moisture, and nutrients, resulting in your lawn not looking as healthy as it could with fewer weeds.

You can view the most common lawn weeds here.

Do GreenThumb manage weeds?

Yes, of course! You can generally expect over half of your weeds to die-off in any one treatment. So, after three or four treatments, you should see a big reduction in weeds in your lawn.

However, it’s near impossible to keep your lawn completely weed free (believe us, we’ve tried!). Seeds lie dormant and others are blown in from neighbouring locations or dropped in by birds, so, consistent treatments are essential to keep the weeds at bay. 

Does our Summer Long Treatment target weeds?

Often the more challenging lawn weeds present themselves at this time of the year. But not to worry, our Summer Long Treatment works hard to reduce the weeds in your lawn (while also greening up your grass!). 

What if I get weeds after the treatment?

The herbicide generally works over a three-week period. If, during that time, you notice an increase in weeds then please contact your local branch to ask them to revisit and assess your lawn. At this time, we may decide to apply a targeted herbicide to the plants that have come through after this period.

Why do you target (spot) spray weeds instead of blanket spraying? 

Whilst we apply all of our treatments to your entire lawn, we use a different method for controlling those pesky weeds. We spot spray your weeds as the herbicides we use are ‘post-emergence selective herbicides’ which means they will only effect existing weeds or weed leaves.

If we were to blanket spray your entire lawn including areas where weeds aren’t active, then the herbicide would just go to ground, wasting the product and going against our stance to be as environmentally responsible as possible. The products we use and how we use them are controlled by recognised agencies that enforce environmental related Government Guidelines.

Should I cut my lawn before my treatment? 

We recommend to not cut your lawn for at least 3 days either side of your Summer Long Treatment. If you cut your lawn too soon before your treatment, there will be no leaf on the weeds. If the weed leaf is small, then it’s more challenging to get the spray droplets onto the leaf and achieve the desired control. Therefore, not cutting your lawn for at least 3 days before ensures a good size of leaf for us to treat and leaving it for 3 days afterwards means the weed control will be more effective. This will allow the active ingredient time to make its way around the plant.

Overall, the best way to reduce weeds in your lawn is to have a regular treatment programme which features a weed control, along with regular mowing and watering. We have three treatment programmes to choose from, all of which include our five core treatments as a minimum inclusive of weed control!

Contact your local branch for a free lawn analysis: www.greenthumb.co.uk/branch


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