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January Tips: Your Questions Answered


With the weather still cold and grey, we are longing for Spring’s arrival! Although the weather is not so inviting, it’s still worthwhile taking care of a few gardening chores now so that we can fully enjoy the garden again when the time comes.  

We have summarised the most asked questions this January to help with your Lawn Care… 

How will Spring Ready benefit my lawn? 

Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiLmzO3flPA

Our revolutionary Spring Ready treatment allows you to benefit from a beautiful, healthy lawn much earlier in the year. 

Featuring a dual conditional release, this fertiliser will only release its nutrients when the right soil temperature and moisture levels harmonise, creating the optimal time for your individual lawn to be fed – It’s very clever technology and only GreenThumb customers will have this great advantage over other lawns!

A micronutrient feed will also be applied to help manage moss if it’s present in the lawn. A weed control can be applied from March onwards, if we see active growth in your lawn. 
Join one of our popular treatment programmes to benefit: https://www.greenthumb.co.uk/lawn-treatment-programmes

Will snow or ice affect my Spring Ready treatment? 

No. The most important feature of this advanced technology feed is that the amount of nutrients released is controlled by both the ground temperature and moisture levels. It will patiently sit there with its coat on waiting for warmer weather. 

However, if there has been a prolonged period of heavy frost in your region, we would need to look at this closely before applying any treatment, potentially delaying the treatment until the heavy frost is over to ensure your grass blades are not brittle. 
Conditions on lawns change from region to region, lawn to lawn and day to day, so each lawn will be treated appropriately and correctly.

Can I mow my lawn? 

If your grass is long and we’ve had a few dry days, most certainly! We do however advise to avoid mowing if heavy frosts are expected or if the ground is particularly wet. 
Remember, keep your cut to around 1 inch and ensure your mower blades are sharp! 

Are there any lawn diseases I should look out for? 

During this time of year, our lawns are more susceptible to a lawn disease called – Microdochium Patch (fusarium), more commonly known as Snow Mould. 
This is a cool weather disease that thrives from consistent wet, damp, or foggy/misty conditions with low air movement. 

Symptoms appear as small, circular, yellow patches which can spread up to about 30cm in diameter. Once established, the patches turn a yellow/brown colour and in severe cases can kill the grass. After the disease becomes inactive, the area appears pale and straw-like.

Lawns that have a high thatch layer and poor drainage, as well as enclosed lawns with little air movement, are the most susceptible to this disease.
Lawn Disease Management is included in our Ultimate Programme but is also available as a separate treatment to any of our customers on our Standard or Basic Programmes. If you do notice this, we recommend contacting your local branch as soon as possible so we can advise a programme for recovery.

For anything further, please speak to your local GreenThumb branch and they’ll be more than happy to advise: www.greenthumb.co.uk/branch


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