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How to water your lawn


Water your lawn the right way 

Our fantastic Lawn Treatments will help to improve the health and colour of your lawn but, if you want your lawn to stand out amongst the rest, correct watering is the best way to achieve this. 

Correct watering not only provides your lawn with essential hydration, it also helps to protect your grass from moss, weeds, disease, and shallow rooting. Keep your watering game strong and you’ll be heading towards a lawn you can be proud of. Learn how to best water your lawn with our top tips below.

1.    Water to the correct depth

Moisture should penetrate to at least 25mm (1 inch). You can measure this by placing some empty jam jars or glasses on the lawn. Applying too much water can result in the soil becoming oversaturated, causing the grass root to drown; this can lead to yellow or bare spots on your lawn.
2.     Water at the right time of day

Water in the morning or evening when the sun is least bright to avoid evaporation. This will increase the amount of moisture the soil can absorb, leading to more hydrated soil. Be observant of how much water your lawn needs, for example,  you may need to water more than usual during a particularly dry spell
3.     Avoid runoff 

Don’t oversaturate your lawn with water as this could cause pooling on your grass. If you’re watering faster than the grass can absorb it, the soil will repel any moisture and its ability to access the lower root zone. Simply put, you’ll starve the grass root of the water it needs to survive. Instead, if you use a sprinkler to water in short intervals of about 10-15 minutes, you can turn off the water to let it soak in and then turn back on again for another 10-15 minutes. If your lawn is absorbing water much slower than usual, this could indicate a build-up of thatch under the soil. If you’re concerned that your lawn may have a build-up of thatch, then don’t hesitate to contact your local branch who can recommend Scarification to relieve your lawn of this problem.  


Keeping your grass greener for longer! Our Oasis Water Conserver gives your lawn an extra boost of hydration by making the most of any available moisture, whether that’s rain, recycled water or even morning dew. With Oasis, you won’t need to spend so much time watering your lawn as its intelligent design draws any water directly to the root zone, keeping your lawn hydrated and healthy all year round. 
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