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How to keep your garden in top condition during hot weather


Temperatures hit 28℃ in the south over the last few days and although it wasn’t unexpected because forecasters had accurately predicted a heat wave, it was still quite a shock to the system if you were out and about. 

If your garden is looking like it might need a little bit of love as the peak of summer draws to an end and you’re worried you may have missed the boat in terms of creating a grassy haven upon which to enjoy the summer, fear not - there are plenty of simple jobs you can do to breathe some life back into your lawn and garden.

Our 3 ‘heat wave’ top tips:

  • Do not cut shorter than 50mm (2”) and do not cut again until there is a sign of growth
  • Ideally, water the lawn early in the morning or during the late part of the day when evaporation is at its lowest
  • Do not stop having GreenThumb come to treat the lawn; when the rain finally comes; recovery will be quicker

We have seen some of the hottest days of 2016 this week, so it is important to keep your lawn well hydrated. Otherwise, this can cause your lawn to suffer from drought stress (yellow and brown patches).

However, GreenThumb can also help- the GreenThumb Oasis Treatment is the ‘drought busting’ water conserving treatment that has been proven to keep lawns greener for longer during prolonged periods of dry weather – why not give it a try?

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