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How to create Lawn Stripes

Striped Lawn

A question we are often asked is how to create striped lawns? Having a striped lawn has become something of a guilty pleasure. Admit it. You want them. There is nothing half so worth doing as having an evenly striped lawn to show off your flower beds and garden landscape.

Those who look after the famous greenswards at Wimbledon are regarded with awe by many. Their techniques and practises remain a closely guarded secret. Well, you’re in luck, because it's really not too hard to make stripes in your lawn. Here are our tips for making those perfect lawn stripes.

Step 1: It’s all about direction

Stripes are simply created by the two-tone contrasting colours of grass laid flat in one direction and again in the opposite direction. The direction in which the grass is bent causes the light green vs dark green striping effect.

Cutting Direction

Step 2: Choose your equipment

Firstly, you need to consider which type of lawnmower to use. To create stripes, you need a lawnmower with a roller; these are found in traditional cylinder mowers or more commonly these days in rotary mowers fitted with a rear roller.  Mountfield has a range of Petrol Roller Mowers starting at £319 along with new 80 Volt Cordless models from £499.

Step 3: Lay out your pattern

A little bit of planning goes a long way when it comes to lawn striping.

Simple Stripes: You need to mow in opposite directions until you reach the end of your lawn, then mow around the edge of your lawn to create the perfect border. Make sure that the mower overlaps the previous strip a little as this will prevent leaving uncut strips across the lawn.

Simple Stripes

Checkboard Stripes: This is the same process as the above. Once you have completed from ‘north to south’, position the mower at the top of your lawn and start the exact same method ‘east to west’. Going around the perimeter again will ensure a neat and tidy border.

Checkered Lawn

Step 4: Intensify your stripes

So now you’ve mastered the basic pattern, but the next step is what the professionals do to make their patterns more pronounced. The secret is to bend the grass blades further, and you can do that with a lawn roller. Go back over your mowing stripes, rolling the grass in the same direction you mowed. You'll see a dramatic difference.  If you don’t have the luxury of a lawn roller you can simply go over your lawn again with your mower to help emphasise the stripes.  Also, if you always cut each stripe in the same direction every time you mow your lawn it will help to develop more pronounced stripes.

Of course, all of this isn’t complete without a beautiful, healthy lawn. Our year-round lawn care programme provides fertilisation, weed control and moss control, ensuring your lawn starts to look its best earlier and for longer. And, did you know we have a treatment which reduces the grass vertical growth and improves the thickness of the lawn and strength of the grass plant? Speak to your local lawn care expert today.

Striped Lawn
Striped Lawn
Striped Lawn
Striped Lawn
Striped Lawn
Striped Lawn
Striped Lawn
Striped Lawn

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