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GreenThumb Celebrates 35 Years


Starting from a seed, we flourished, we branched out and we continue to blossom. As we celebrate our 35th anniversary this week, we take a detailed look back on the Journey of GreenThumb as we continue to revolutionise lawn care. 

GreenThumb was born on 1st April 1986 after Founder and CEO, Stephen Waring experienced the lawn treatment service in the United States. He saw great potential for a similar service in the U.K., thus, GreenThumb was born. Stephen started out with 1,000 leaflets and the commitment to create a community of Lawn Lovers by creating and caring for the most beautiful lawns. 


10 years’ later in 1996, GreenThumb developed ‘No-Scorch Technology’ lawn fertilisers which had the added benefit of not needing to be ‘watered in’ as soon as they were applied to the lawn. GreenThumb’s No-Scorch fertilisers were polymer coated so that they not only gave a controlled-release over more than two months but even in dry conditions just waited patiently for the rain to come. 


From 2000 onward, we grew our branches from just 6 in the North West & North Wales to more than 200 across the U.K. Each providing a superb service to nourish and love your lawn, that’s why we are consistently the most recommended Lawn Treatment company in every part of the U.K. 


Advancing on from ‘No Scorch Technology’ we now have our very own range of NutraGreen fertilisers utilsiing all our years of experience, development, and technology; they are quite simply the best lawn treatment fertilisers! It has taken us decades to perfect our formula which is why we restrict our fertiliser to our loyal GreenThumb customers and do not sell them through any distributors. 


In 2018 after years of testing, we launched the ‘Lawn Makeover’, giving you the Ultimate Lawn! The Lawn Makeover is the first lawn treatment programme which creates a new lawn especially geared toward customers who have tired, aging lawns, riddled with weed grasses and who would like the Ultimate Lawn without the cost of returfing and with better results. We are very proud of it. Naturally, it’s unique to GreenThumb. 

That year we also announced our amazing Water Conserver treatment, Oasis. With the experience of drier summers coupled with our responsible approach to watering the lawn, we developed a lawn treatment which helps to reduce lawn watering needs by as much as 80%. 

Oasis ensures that water which gets to the lawn quickly accesses the root zone and at the same time stimulates horizontal root development. We see Oasis as an integral part of even a basic lawn treatment programme, moving forward with the addition of our super seaweed ingredient which gives the lawn an added green boost. 


2021 is an exciting year for us. After years of testing, we were able to launch our new and unique fertiliser for lawns for our first NutraGreen treatment of the year, Spring Ready. Our NutraGreen  Spring Ready feed will release its nutrients when the combination of moisture and soil temperature is just right. However, if the weather changes and we get a very cold spell, the fertiliser will stop its controlled release, lock up and wait for the combination of conditions to be right before it continues.

This specially coated fertiliser enables us to ensure that all our customers have had their Spring Ready Treatment by Mid-March and no-one will have to wait until April or even later to get their most important feed of the year. We are thrilled that all our customers will benefit from their lawn being prepared for the Spring no matter when mother nature decides when that is.

Coupled with Spring Ready, also comes our new treatment programmes, tailored specially for your lawn to provide it with the exact nutrients it needs at that time. We continue to provide continuous guidance to our customers so that in partnership we can do what is required for your lawn to reach its true potential as your gardens crowning glory. Our flexible approach to Lawn Treatment results in a bespoke service for every lawn, every time. 

Whilst we recognise that GreenThumb aren’t the only Lawn Treatment Service in the U.K, we’re not driven by ‘beating’ our competitors but by the experience we provide our customers with. This drives us to exceed expectations at every interaction we have with our loyal customers. 

We are excited to see where we are in the next 35 years as we continue to build a nation of Lawn Lovers and join you on your journey to a beautiful lawn. Start your lawn journey by measuring your lawn online for a free quote: https://www.greenthumb.co.uk/measure 


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