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We noticed that many of you like us, not only love your lawns, but also love the little birds who visit our gardens. With that in mind, we set up our own  dedicated website – GreenThumb Gardens.

GreenThumb Gardens is an exclusive GreenThumb customer membership site, offering you fantastic discounts, as well as some of the best quality bird seeds, feeders, and a few other products to attract beneficial insects and animals to your garden.

GreenThumb customers receive some fantastic GreenThumb Gardens benefits, dependent on their lawn care programme.

All customers receive 10% discount on our garden range. Additionally, Standard customers receive four £5 gift vouchers and Ultimate customers receive four £8 gift vouchers.

If you want to receive these great rewards and invite birds into your garden, contact your local branch to sign up as a GreenThumb customer: www.greenthumb.co.uk/branch

 Birds need feeding all year round with high-energy foods, particularly in Autumn and Winter as this will help them maintain their fat reserves to survive the frosty nights. In Spring and Summer, high protein foods are best while they are moulting. 

To that end, we have created our own GreenThumb premium bird seed, containing a tailored blend of 12 seeds, raisins, and suet pellets for energy. It is designed to cater for a wide range of birds, yet not cause unwanted seed germination and mess if not eaten up. What’s more, every single ingredient has been specifically chosen because of its nutritional benefit to the bird – whether it be from protein, oils, fats or carbohydrates, this mix contains everything the birds need to fill themselves with energy over the winter and throughout the year.

Designed to be table or floor feed, as well as in plastic feeders, this mix has no cheap cereal fillers, which often germinate causing a weedy mess next spring. This mix will attract a whole host of birds to your garden, including finches, sparrows, tits blackbirds, thrushes, dunnocks, woodpeckers, pheasants, and jays to name but a few.

Why not invite birds into your garden with this premium mix?

Helping garden birds can be as rewarding for you as it is for them. Whether you’d like a new bird feeder with bespoke GreenThumb bird seed or a cosy hedgehog house to help out your local wildlife, GreenThumb Gardens have plenty of brilliant products to enhance your garden and create an environment for nature to thrive.

If you are already a GreenThumb customer, contact your local branch to receive your exclusive discounts: www.greenthumb.co.uk/branch


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