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Go Green with GreenThumb: Our Commitment to environmental sustainability

We recognise the need to prioritise environmental management and are committed to promoting a sustainable environment. So, we’ve made plans to set out this vision.

We’re proud to offset our C02 emissions by planting trees in the UK through the VCS Tree Buddying programme. By planting in schools and other biodiversity sites, this scheme helps to create wildlife habitats, native British trees are planted, which enhances the natural UK landscape whilst offsetting CO2 emissions.

How does it work?
For every tree we use, we’ll replant it back in the ground. This means that the emissions we use are immediately offset as well as the trees that will be planted on your behalf. Long term, this will continue the sequestering of additional carbon emissions as they grow during their lifetime.

How much paper does the average UK business use?
On average, one office employee consumes 10,000 sheets of paper every year, approximately, 4 boxes of paper, valued at £10 per box. * When you take into consideration the leaflets, magazines and letters which are made every year, this number is even higher! Imagine how fantastic it is to be able to give back to the earth! 


What else will this scheme support?
•    Provide wildlife habitats and support diversity
•    Plant native British trees
•    Enhance the natural UK landscape emissions offset CO 2 emissions


What else are we doing to reduce our carbon emissions?
•    We’re working with the World Land Trust, helping people across the world to protect and restore their land to safeguard biodiversity and the climate.

•    We’re using targeting spraying to reduce the use of pesticides.

•    We’re creating more localised work schedules for our Lawn Operatives to reduce the use of fuel and therefore reduce pollution

•    We offer Oasis, a Water Management Conserver, to our customer's lawns which reduces the need for watering by up to 80%

•    We offer a Pest Management treatment that treats infestation in your lawn, which reduces the need for customers to re-turf and therefore relaying on artificial, plastic grass.

•    We use Bio-stimulants, creating better-rooting systems for lawns.


Want to learn more? 

Learn more about the VCS Tree Buddying Programme: https://www.carbonfootprint.com/plantingtrees.html

Learn more about World Land Trust: https://www.worldlandtrust.org/who-we-are-2/



•    https://www.conserve-energy-future.com/real-figures-paper-usage-uk.php


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