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We hope these help you with any questions you may have on our Lawn Treatment Service.

When can I start using GreenThumb?

You can benefit from our services at any time of the year. There’s never a bad time to start caring for your lawn.

What Lawn Treatments do you have?

We offer three tiers of Lawn Treatment Programme, NutraGreen, Enhanced and Complete. All of these include our four seasonal NutraGreen treatments. Our Enhanced Programme also includes Aeration, Scarification and Post Scairification Treatment. If you’re signed up to our Complete Programme, you’ll get all of this plus the following treatments - Oasis, SlowMow, StressBuster and Lawn Disease Management. You can find more details here.

How long will it take for my lawn to improve?

Following one of our seasonal treatments, you will notice the weeds dying and the grass greening up within a couple of weeks.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, we want our customers to continue with GreenThumb based on our merits in creating a healthier, greener lawn for them, not because they’re stuck in a contract. With our treatment programmes, you’ll need to sign a Direct Debit Mandate with the relevant T&C’s which relate to this payment option.

Do I have to be home when you come to treat my lawn?

Most of our customers aren’t home when we visit. Since all our vehicles and Lawn Operatives are self-sufficient, we can carry out the treatment if we have access to your lawn/s. If you would prefer to be home when we’re treating your lawn, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

What do I need to do before/after your Lawn Treatments?

It’s important to remember that Lawn Care only works when both you (the customer) and we (GreenThumb) fulfil our essential roles in taking care of your lawn. We provide your lawn with vital nutrients, important machine work and an abundance of fantastic treatments, along with the care and attention it deserves. All we ask of you is that you apply a regular watering and mowing regime to keep your lawn looking its best.
Are GreenThumb licensed to treat lawns? Yes, we are. We also adhere to Lawn Assured Standards from BASIS, demonstrating our willingness to raise the standards of products application across our industry. For more information, visit BASIS.

I have children and/or pets, are your Lawn Treatments safe?

We recommend that you keep off the lawn until any liquid part of the treatments have dried (approx. 2 hours). This is especially true with our NutraGreen 4 Autumn/Winter treatment, it could a stain a carpet or wooden floor if it were walked into a home. With grazing pets such as rabbits or guinea pigs, they should be kept off the lawn for a minimum of two weeks or three cuts, which occurs latest, to avoid ingestion of applied treatments.

I think my lawn is beyond repair, can GreenThumb save it?

It’s very likely! Many of our customers describe our treatments as a ‘miracle’. Our bespoke treatments are designed to reinvigorate your lawn, you’ll be amazed. It’s very rare for us to come across a lawn which is beyond saving. In this unusual case, our GreenThumb Makeover is the answer.

Why should I use GreenThumb rather than one of your competitors?

Our NutraGreen treatments are manufactured to our bespoke specifications based on decades of experience and millions of treatments. Our competitors buy ‘off the shelf’ products, just like you could, they’re not tailor made for your lawn. Our innovative technology, dedicated team. and vast experience in treating lawns, sets us apart from our competitors as we lead the way in Lawn Care.

Do your treatments really cost less than DIY or my gardener doing it?

Yes, they do! Our NutraGreen feeds typically have twice the nutritional value, and last longer, than store bought granular feeds or what your gardener can get hold of. Our treatments really our industry leading at an honest price. Get an estimate quote for free here.

Are your Lawn Treatments good for the environment?

The purpose of Lawn Treatments is to improve your lawn density, reduce weeds and make your turf healthier. Lawns are great for the environment as they’re highly efficient in turning carbon dioxide into oxygen. A healthy 230 sqm lawn produces even oxygen for a family of four. Lawns also offset 50% solar heat through cooling evaporation, it’s like natural air conditioning on a hot day. With regards to weeds, we only apply weed killer when weeds are visible - we avoid the ‘blanket approach’ adopted by others. We use organic nematodes to control lawn killing insects such as Leatherjackets and Chafer Grubs.

If we haven't answered your question here, please feel free to get in touch with your local branch here.


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