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FAQ: Winter Tips


Temperatures have certainly plummeted in the past few days, with further icy temperatures expected and an ‘arctic blast’ predicted. 

When the good old British weather gets greyer, colder, and wetter, it’s all too easy to neglect our gardens – which have served us so well through the year - and we at GreenThumb think that’s a big shame. What we do with our lawns now determines how healthy it’ll be when we come to enjoy them again.

We’re answering your most frequently asked questions to help prepare your lawn throughout Winter. 

Can GreenThumb treat lawns in snow/ice?

Our bespoke service is lawn specific. Decisions as to whether a lawn is suitable to be treated is made on a day by day, lawn by lawn basis as conditions are constantly changing at this time of the year. If the lawn is ‘frozen’, affected by heavy frost and completely covered in snow, we will delay the treatment and reschedule it for a more appropriate time.

What is the purpose of the Autumn/Winter Long treatment? 

Our NutraGreen Autumn/Winter Long treatment nourishes and protects the whole lawn with a micronutrient-rich feed. It’s specifically designed to toughen the grass up to cope with the winter weather. 

Watch our Autumn/Winter Long video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYrAdcMFzLY&t=5s

Does this treatment get rid of moss?

No. It will help dehydrate moss currently present in the lawn, but to get rid of moss you need to tackle the underlying issue causing it which is likely to be thatch – you can read more about this here

Should I still be mowing my lawn? 

We advise to avoid mowing if heavy frosts are expected or if the ground is particularly wet. However, by all means if your grass is long and we’ve had a few dry days, mow away. Remember, keep your cut to around 1 inch and ensure your mower blades are sharp. 

What should I do with all the fallen leaves?

Allowing leaves to gather on your lawn can block out the oxygen and sunlight which your grass needs to survive. We advise you to remove the leaves from your lawn daily or at least once a week – your GreenThumb Lawn Operative and lawn will be thankful!

Read here for ways you can put your fallen leaves to good use: https://www.greenthumb.co.uk/blog/what-to-do-with-fallen-leaves

Are there any lawn diseases I should be aware of? 

Consistent wet, damp or dewy days may cause a lawn fungus called Microdochium Patch (fusarium) – more commonly known as Snow Mould. This is a cool weather disease and enjoys persistent drizzle and foggy/misty conditions with low air movement.

Symptoms appear as small, circular, yellow patches which can spread up to about 30cm in diameter. Once established, the patches turn a yellow/brown colour and in severe cases can kill the grass. After the disease becomes inactive, the area appears pale and straw-like.

Lawns that have a high thatch layer and poor drainage, as well as enclosed lawns with little air movement, are the most susceptible to this disease.

Contact your local GreenThumb branch if you suspect this: www.greenthumb.co.uk/branch. 


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