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Bring the Comfort Inside Outside


We’re loving Alan Titchmarsh’s newest ITV series, ‘Love Your Garden’, inspiring us all to enjoy our gardens in the glorious sunshine we’re currently experiencing across the UK.

As you watch the garden makeover show, the multitude of gardeners, experts and resources at hand turn a dilapidated garden (and usually unloved lawn) into a beautiful outdoor living area for the family to enjoy. As they roll-out the new lawn, the transformation of the garden is amazing and, as you sit back on your sofa, all you think is ‘I wish’!

Here at GreenThumb, we watch the show and think ‘wow that’s a fantastic garden, but let’s hope they look after that lawn and keep it looking so lush!’.

The theme of the show is definitely to see the garden as an extra room of the home. Gardens, like houses, need tidying and lots of love to look their best; even without an Alan Titchmarsh makeover, our lawns can be a beautiful, sumptuous green carpet to then build upon. You’d never spend time and money on a wonderful new living room suite and place it on a shabby, dirty, old carpet.

So to ensure your lawn is tip-top, here’s some top tips:

  1. Don’t over mow – longer grass is healthier grass; never cut your lawn lower than 25cm (1”), 50cm (2”) in dry weather. As a rule of thumb, take less off more often.
  2. Keep your lawn mower regularly serviced; a good cut requires sharp blades.
  3. Remove lawn clippings, apart from them being unsightly as they dry out, they help form thatch, and moss loves thatch.
  4. In dry weather, water early in the morning or later on in the day when evaporation is at its lowest.

Our motto is ‘we work in partnership’; you cut and water the lawn, and leave the rest to us!

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