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Banish the January blues from your garden

Avoid waterlogging

Once the festivities of the holiday season are over, seasonal guests are long gone and New Year’s resolutions possibly long broken, January is the perfect time to wrap up warm and get outdoors to give your garden a bit of winter pampering.

Follow these simple tips and tricks from GreenThumb, the UK’s leading lawn care provider in order to help boost the growth of your lawn and garden, giving new plants and bulbs the perfect start in the lead up to spring.

1. Avoid waterlogging

If your garden has experienced a large amount of rainfall over the winter months it could be at risk of waterlogging. You can use a garden fork to spike the lawn and create aeration in the soil, but even better you could invest in an Aeration treatment from GreenThumb.

2. Repair lawn edges

If any of your lawn’s edges need repairing, now is the best time to do it. Use turf cut from other areas of the garden to neaten up the areas around flower and shrub beds.

3. Raise and protect your potted plants

If you have potted plants on patio areas, make sure they are raised on bricks to prevent build up of algae from sitting in the wet. If any of your pots are made from non-frost proof materials such as terracotta, give them a little jacket of bubble wrap or hessian to keep them from cracking.

4. Woodwork maintenance

Dry spells during winter are a great time to treat any timber structures in your garden, such as pergolas and furniture with quality wood preservative and stain. This will not only protect them from the cold, but also ensure the wood lasts longer.

5. Plan your spring schedule

If the weather proves too chilly to handle, take the opportunity to get your garden organised for spring. Plan what bulbs and seeds you need to plant and when; it’s also a good time to book in a lawn treatment in preparation. GreenThumb’s Spring Treatment uses a customised fertiliser, which encourages the grass plant to waken from its dormancy and into the growing period. The treatment also provides sufficient nutrients to aid the grass to grow stronger and give it a vibrant colour.

Avoid waterlogging
Repair lawn edges
Woodwork maintenance
Raise and protect your potted plants
Plan your spring schedule

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