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Autumn Lawn Tips


Although most of nature seems to slow down during these latter months, autumn is the best time for lawn maintenance and that little extra attention that will make a big difference. We have put together some tips to help you achieve a lawn prepared for the winter chill, and flourishing come spring.


Keeping Grass Healthy

We recommend trying to remove as much shade as possible from the lawn; this is applicable all year round but especially during the wetter, colder months.

  • Remove fallen leaves: they prevent essential light from reaching the grass plant, and the trapped moisture underneath creates moss-loving conditions (The same principle applies to objects on the lawn, such as furniture and children’s toys)
  • Essential pruning: overhanging branches, shrubs etc. should be kept cut back if causing shade on the lawn
  • Rake out moss: our NutraGreen Autumn/Winter treatment dehydrates moss - this must be raked out to prevent further spreading


Lawns cut well in autumn look better in spring! If ground temperatures are above 5°C, grass will continue to grow.

  • Sharp blades: it’s important to avoid bruising/damaging the grass plant with blunt mower blades, it's best they're kept sharp (It can be more cost-effective and less time consuming to replace blades rather than have them sharpened)
  • Ideal height: approx. 20mm – ideal for lawns due to have aeration/scarification 
  • ¼ rule: we advise never removing more than ¼ of grass blade length 
  • Don’t cut too short (below 20mm):  impedes new growth, the lawn can become brown and more vulnerable to pests and disease 
  • Adverse conditions: only mow in suitable conditions, avoid when the ground is too wet or in heavy frost

Let your lawn breathe

This time of year, we carry out the mechanical processes - aeration and scarification.  They prevent and alleviate the effects of certain lawn issues, improve health and prepare turf and soil for winter and next spring.


Great for: compacted lawns

As its name suggests, having your lawn aerated allows air to efficiently circulate through the soil.


Essential oxygen, water and nutrients can reach where they’re needed
Improved moisture drainage through soil – not pooling on lawn surface
Better root development 
Stronger grass


Great forspongy, ‘thatchy’ lawns

Having your lawn scarified removes one of the leading causes of moss in lawns – excess thatch.


  • Essential oxygen, water and nutrients can reach where they’re needed
  • Removes excess thatch and moss 

The best thing for your lawn

Stronger grass, better colour

Our NutraGreen Autumn/Winter treatment nourishes and protects the whole lawn with a micronutrient-rich feed.


  • Feeds lawn essential nutrients
  • Grass plant is hardier, better able to cope with winter 
  • Iron-rich content dehydrates moss and improves lawn colour
  • Prepares lawn for aeration and scarification

Following our tips for your lawn this season will be worth the effort come spring. You’ll be greeted with healthy new growth, forming a beautiful green space that brings your garden to life.

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