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A Locally run full lawn care service for less than the cost of DIY.

Ben and Victoria Watson run the Lincoln franchise of GreenThumb for Washingborough looking after over 3,000 customers in an area that ranges from Torksey to South Kyme, Wickenby to Brant Broughton, Doddington to Kirkby Bain and all the areas in between (LN1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 10).

Victoria says "As a company we strive for excellence in everything that we do and our customers' needs will always come first. We look at our customers as partners in caring for the grass and like to think that we take the stress out of achieving a beautiful lawn and help to give them the lawn they want without the hassle of getting there."

Our services revolve around trained operatives giving customised weed and feed treatments at set times throughout the spring and summer, a moss control in the winter and specialist machine treatments through the winter months.

"Winter work is the fundamental behind a beautiful lawn" says Ben "Hollow-tine aeration and scarification help in preventing the build-up of thatch and relieve the pressure of compaction which are the principle causes behind most lawn problems. They also help to control the conditions that can cause diseases."

Our trained operatives are on the lookout for any problems in your lawn such as diseases and pests which, if left untreated, can cause major damage to the lawn and will always advise on the best way to improve your lawn.

GreenThumb Treatments

We now offer a Direct Debit service which allows you to spread the cost monthly and gives you discounts on our treatments.

Seasonal Tips - Winter

Rake Up Leaves
Regular clearing up of leaves and debris from the lawn is essential in the early winter. Layers on the ground can quickly suffocate the grass leading to bare patches and uneven growth. It can also lead to a build up of moss.

Get on Top of the Moss
Autumn and Winter is the time when moss is at its most prolific. Compacted lawns with heavy Thatch retain water on the surface rather than allowing it through to the soil and roots and with the cooler weather, the damp surface provides the ideal breeding ground for moss.

Consider Mechanical Treatments
Additional winter treatments are the best way to alleviate some of the pressures on the lawn. Hollow-tine aeration allows oxygen-rich air, sunlight, moisture and nutrients into the soil. This process allows for healthier root growth creating a stronger grass plant. Scarification using blades and knives will reduce the levels of thatch considerably reducing the threat of moss and disease.

Watch Out for Common Problems
Keep an eye on the garden during the winter. Areas of discolouration or sudden bald patches could indicate the presence of disease or pests. These can be dealt with easily in their early stages but can have devastating effects on the lawn if left untreated.



"Dear Richard, many many thanks for all your help over the last few months regarding my poorly front lawn, it has now been transformed to the best it has been for lots of years.  Thank you for the supply of the lawn seed and all the fantastic support and advice during this period.  I am not sure whether you have called lately, as I know you often do, but please do so and see what a difference it all has made.  All your guys do an extremely good job, even though we don't always appreciate the hard work you all do.  If ever you need any personal recommendations, please send them round.  All the very best to you, hope to see you soon, please call at any time. Yours"
Ms Storr