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Thank you for your patronage in 2013 - we are now looking forward to servicing your lawn with keen attention in 2014. This year, we have once again had unusual weather conditions across the country which has caused problems, especially for lawns. Dry conditions create an ideal environment for moss.  We are predicting much more moss in lawns this year than in previous years, as a result of the dry conditions, however there is a solution!

We have some very effective ways of dealing with the after problems caused by dry and compacted lawn,  left from dry weather.

Hollow-tine Aeration and an additional Winter Feed & Moss Control treatment is necessary  If your lawn is suffering from compaction (and most lawns are now), Hollow-tine Aeration is the most beneficial treatment for your lawn as it helps to break up soil compaction and sub-surface thatch, allowing water and air that the grass needs to penetrate into the root zone. It also improves surface drainage, which helps prevent moss and thatch.

Scarification is the best treatment to remove moss and thatch from your lawn. It is a vigorous mechanical raking process which lifts out the moss and thatch. Although scarifying may make your lawn look unsightly, the lawn will recover from scarification in just a few weeks.

GreenThumb is always seeking ways to improve the condition of lawns and have been very successful with the programme currently in place and this will continue. We at GreenThumb are now focussing on revitalising lawns that are older/worn out due to the above issues, by introducing new grasses into the sward. Our new Renovation process will return lawns to an exceptional standard.

GreenThumb’s experts can make your lawn look lush and beautiful for less than it would cost to buy the materials at a D.I.Y store to do the job yourself…

Why D.I.Y when GreenThumb can ‘do-it-for-you’?

Each lawn we treat will receive four pre-scheduled treatments during the growing season to keep the grass green, healthy and free from weeds.

FREE detailed examination of your lawn’s condition

FREE Comprehensive written lawn report

FREE Advice on your current lawn care regime

FREE No obligation quotation for our superior service

Treatments start at just £15. You can also pay by Direct Debit to spread your payments over a year.

Customers can choose from three treatment programmes, which offer differing levels of service and can save you up to 22% on normal costs:

The Basic Programme offers you the standard 4 treatment a year service with the benefit of Direct Debit, allowing you to spread your payments over a 12 month period. Of course, we still offer our 'pay-as-you-go' service.

Our Enhanced Programme includes the traditional treatments, plus we will aerate, scarify and also apply a post scarification treatment for your lawn in the winter to help keep the grass in good condition and moss at bay.

The Complete Programme includes all the treatments from the Basic and Enhanced Programmes, plus your lawn will receive our Oasis Treatment Programme, which successfully conserves water and reduces the amount of watering your grass will need during the summer. Pests and diseases are also controlled as part of the package. The lawn will receive our SlowMow Treatment Programme; this growth regulator will reduce the rate at which the grass plant grows, meaning you will not need to cut the grass quite so often. The SlowMow Treatment Programme promotes lateral growth and root development, meaning the grass becomes thicker and the lawn becomes denser keeping moisture in the lawns.

Our highly skilled and polite staff look after more than 3,000 lawns in Guildford, Woking, Cranleigh, Godalming, Leatherhead, Farncombe, Chiddingfold, Send, Brookwood, Bisley, Knaphill, Horsell, and West & East Horsley.

Dunsfold, Elstead, Whitley, Ewhurst, Alford, Bramley, Shear, Albury, Puttenham, Normandy, Warplesdon, Merrow, Anslow Village, Holmwood, Newdigate and  all areas in between.

Referrals are the way forward with our business so we are asking all of our valued customers to recommend our service to anyone who you think might benefit. As a reward we are offering £10 off their next treatment.


Thanks again for your continued patronage.

With best regards

Robert & Brenda Miller - the GreenThumb Guildford team.